Judgement/conviction Priest Skin chests

So just to ask about it -

I bought the great ark pass for the skinchest, received the black one which is rosterbound.
Now i wanted to get another skin of it, this time the red one, but it seems the only way to buy it is with blue crystals, which means the skin is character bound. is the only possibility to get one rosterbound just from the pass?

U need to buy it on the char u wana want it. Since the Shop one is Bounded. And the Ark pass the Chest u can atleats put it in Roster Storage. So u can decide later wich char u wana use them.

ye thats basicly what i thought, i opened the first one already but wanted a second one from the other color since i have 2 assasins where i wanted to use them, but since its characterbound i guess i wont buy it.

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