Juicers doing G1-2 Brel is despair

If 1520+ players are choosing to do G1 - G2 only, there is a problem with the difficulty vs rewards of G3-G6.

Players doing G1-G2 only groups in Clown was not nearly as bad because the ilvl requirements for all three gates is the same, 1475.

However with Brelshaza, these players doing G1-G2 only makes it almost impossible for even a very well-geared 1490 to actually progress, as G1-G2 groups are the only option for 1490-1500. While waiting for a support, 1520+ players will apply and the 1490s will be removed.

I have a level 60 Deathblade, 5x3 Surge, lvl 7 gems, LoS 18, full level tripods, etc. I just reached 1490 and have spent hours joining groups only to be removed for someone who should have advanced b eyond these groups. None of my characters who started progression on Brel day 1 have this issue and are all sitting around 1510 score, otherwise exactly the same.

It’s understandable, higher ilvl groups attract supports quicker. However these players should be more incentivized to do G3-G6 so they aren’t ruining party finder. There should be much more gold rewarded for G3 and G4. 700 and 800 gold is laughable and shouldn’t be nerfed this way in the Western version.

Another solution would be like Argos, making all gates require the same ilvl to join, allowing me to join G1-4 groups instead.

You can do 1-2 without needing support.
You can make your own lobby and wait for a support.
G3-6 is a bigger timesink and some people value their time more than to do those.
They need to do 1-2 in order to do 3-6.

Even if g3-6 would reward more gold, people still need to do 1-2 in order to get to the other gates.

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G1-G4 is pretty quick with competent teams. I went to G1-G2 a few times, because G1-G4 wasn’t found or always (full), since they left a slot for someone like DPS brings Support friend or Support brings DPS friend, that’s too common.

i believe some do it so they can join friends for 3-4 or they have friends at 3-4 but majority will do 1-4 or 1-6
if someone remove you from the party after letting you in for x amount of time that’s a cuck move and anyone who does that shouldn’t be allowed to make lobbies it does happen but still a cuck move regardless


or this useless developer can do something about the support shortage maybe?
3 supports for 30+ dps classes, support are too op giving shilds heal and damage buff

can be solved easly by making the game more dps friendly, they know how to suck more money by making another cool dps class despite the terrible support:dps rate

I would just advice take fire camps and swallow potions and go full dps

people arent doing g1-2 only they are making those lobbies because they can completely solo carry both those gates and can just fill with 1490s way quicker than waiting for decently looking 1500s to also go through g34, let alone competent 1520s

Time is money- LOA disrespects player time in my exp most disgusting level.
Those g1-2 1520s are alts prob and just farming gold.

Most even hardcore folks just doing 1 or 2 Brels G1-6
Rest is G1-4 or G1-2 on 1500s (1490-1500 is not a lot hone)
After u clear Brel G6 once tbh no reason to farm it since u can progress by just doing 1-2 or 1-4

Right now in PUGs and Statics Brel 1-6 takes 1.5-3hrs or 4 if somebody having a bad day…just 1 toon. Imagine doing that even 3 times? Looking at a commitment of min 5hrs for 3 legion raids for the week. Yeah its not worth it at all colossal waste of time. Moreso if u have all your gear and is 1540 already. At that point you are full Brel and tbh don’t care about raid. You just want the gold and shards. It was the devs choice to make daily grinding of chaos/guardians MORE valuable than raiding. Just 1 toon needs millions of shards to lvl up and that comes from primarily the worst content ingame chaos dungeons lol. Sad but true the most efficient way to play LOA right now is to NOT do Legion raids but Lopangs and Chaos dungeons the dailies. you get more gold resources silver SHARDS from fucking dailies than raids lol


this is a pretty ignorant post for all of the reasons listed so far.


Well at this point, I have to say, waiting for supports for every single raid has become one of the most frustrating aspects of the game… I would be willing to accept giving support classes more rewards or anything that significantly motivates creating those classes…
Or add some. Kind of self-supporting abilities for every class, removing the need for dedicated support classes all together…
Or significantly increase the limit of health potions allowed to use in raid…
Add some damage buffing consumables that also have the same effect as bards courage or paladins aura…

Idk… But something has to be done.

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A 1520+ will also apply to a Valtan and make it hard for a well geared 1445 to find a party, it’s a failure in the progression system as a whole that you continue to run content you’ve long since outgeared.

Brel is frontloaded with Gold and some players just do not want to deal with pugging G4 so in the interest of time they run G1-2, get the lions share of the gold and a couple crafting mats and that’s good enough. Or pug G1-2 and remake party for G3-4 to find a better assortment of higher ilvl players.


100% this.

I have 6 Chars Brel ready, 4 could do 1-6 now. With 5 Supports, I can eliminate the time sink of finding groups basically, but despite that, I do only 1-4 with all but main, and with my singel DD (1520 now, well geared 5x3 Scrapper) I actually only do 1-2 atm even.

Main reason is that I need the time to do the daily stuff. So I skip the most time consuming part and try to get all the “low hanging fruits”

I am pretty sure now that the only reason you exist on earth is to piss off people with your L takes.


If the devs were half competent they would simply add something like a 5-10 min wait before you can kick someone you already accepted to the group, wich could be removed if the player afk or refuses to enter dungeon during vote.

what if you accept someone by mistake do you have to disband the whole lobby? bad take


have you considered the possibility that they are doing g1-g2 because they have a friend that is under 1500 and they will just replace him or contiune at another time just so they can play with their friend?

i do accept sub 1500s when im doing exactly that
i can practically 2man g1g2
it’s not that hard
i don’t even look at title or anything

if i type reclear and you die 2 times early on and you seem to not even show a concern for you sniffing glue im just going to end the raid and replace you
plenty of people available to take your place

that being said
if a 1520 applies and a 1490 applies 9/10 times i will accept the 1520
it’s not because i don’t like you at 1490 or think you can’t finish the gate without dying
the other dude is just stronger

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Ye we actually do this quite a lot in my friend group, pug a 1-2 with our strongs, get a free carry for our 1490’s and meet back up for 3-6. Lot easier that way than having to do 1-2 at level.

imaging making complete sense and you think its just a troll post
how twisted your brain is ?

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They are doing all of this content. They do it this way:

  1. G1-4 in one go then G5
  2. G1-5 in one go
  3. G1-2 then G3-4 then G5

So it’s just normal that they do it like this especially if they’re a bit unsure with G3-4 mechanics and don’t have so much experience with it. They would just get more rewards and the situation wouldn’t change one way or the other. Overall it’s just not a problem and they have to have proper iLvl requirements to ensure that characters are baseline strong enough to clear the content without chugging or being carried. It’s just a given

I do g1-g2 because im done my set. Doing 6 gates is a massive time sink on 6+. Also the amount of consumables needed past g4+ for what 2000 gold might not even be worth it if you include time spent on potential wipes if your pugging. Take the 4k gold from g1-2 and it takes like 15 minutes -25 minutes. It’s probably the most worth it gates to do.

Not my fault the supports come my way, I can finish it with a group of 1550+ in a few minutes. I can see why they don’t want to potentially spend hours, with 1490’s that may have lied about finishing the raid. But not only that if your 1490s during these weeks, one could even assume your probably not even geared enough. High risk, but it’s not like there isn’t on Ilvl groups there are plenty. But as the weeks go, everyone will be out of that phase of just entry level. That’s the nature of MMO’s everyone gets stronger, and the ones left in the dust are the last ones in.

Bus g1-2 then man, and get more than all 6 gates as i do :rofl::rofl:

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