July Fever Time Event - BROKEN YET AGAIN

Im guessing it was just only the one weekend

Edit: my bad it says 2 weekends



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got the satruday and lost the sunday last week and nothign this weekend


I want the shit that was promised to me and I want it NAO!

they will fix it in time guys image

Fever time is clearly a complicated event, much like DST and has been a real headscratcher to fix.

Didn’t get it last Sunday, and it seems this weekend is broke too. So annoying.

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It’s not about the free stuff but like if you say something is going to happen and it doesn’t happen for like the 15th time just at least make a post saying sorry or don’t post that the event will be on to be begin with.

Maybe something just get bugged … they will give it later lol there is no reason to create mext topic and spreading theories they scammed us xd

I got mine you guys must have a bug.

Unfortunately not a thing with our community managers. There’s just no visible improvement at all with the communication and the community is left behind in a dark zone regardless of the topic/issue

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I got last week’s but not this weeks.

Same here. NAE. Galatur.

well, 3 more hours until it is sunday here, still no fever time for saturday


it just got fixed boys 889926853966577734

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I got the Fever Loot today, but just could claim the loot from yesterday. Will it be prolonged so one can also claim the second day?

I played pvp yesterday the whole day. I re-logged in after shopping around 7 p.m. and it wasn’t there. So it couldnt be fixed at least not in EUC and on myserver.