July Fever Time Event - BROKEN YET AGAIN

Maybe something just get bugged … they will give it later lol there is no reason to create mext topic and spreading theories they scammed us xd

I got mine you guys must have a bug.

Unfortunately not a thing with our community managers. There’s just no visible improvement at all with the communication and the community is left behind in a dark zone regardless of the topic/issue

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I got last week’s but not this weeks.

Same here. NAE. Galatur.

well, 3 more hours until it is sunday here, still no fever time for saturday


it just got fixed boys 889926853966577734

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I got the Fever Loot today, but just could claim the loot from yesterday. Will it be prolonged so one can also claim the second day?

I played pvp yesterday the whole day. I re-logged in after shopping around 7 p.m. and it wasn’t there. So it couldnt be fixed at least not in EUC and on myserver.

reset is in 13 minutes

Ah you mean I could still claim it? I always mix the times up, cause I rerolled in EUC and in EUW reset is on 10 am. That would be great! :slight_smile:

it’s technically not sunday in-game, so you should be able to claim it after the daily reset yes

btw reset is 10 AM UTC everywhere

Thanks for the reports on this over the weekend – apologies for not being able to reply as I was out and about, but we were able to resolve it after a few hours and get it up and running. We will discuss if we can make up for the lost hours, and I’ll provide an update when I have one.

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that sounds pretty cool!

Da biggest reason I pway da game is fo feva time. I missed my wewaud and dis is killin’ da game.

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Changed my mind. Just bumping this.

No fever still on adrinne server. It’s been two weekends in a row.

Please, make sure someone in your company is able to program this properly. You can send everyone compensation for this by mail, all good.



So are we getting our compensation at some point? and is Fever Time coming in August at all? or did ya’ll just forget to turn it on again?

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No fever, no daily Login and 1 dead week to go to the most unispiring and filled wit no content AT ALL update ever that will be just garbage for another month with garbage non dyable skins and no tripod update… Back to reality.