July, Juleave - making a statement

I’m gonna keep it short as there’s already hundreds if not thousands of posts about the current botting/RMT-ing issues in the game.

I’m personally giving them a deadline, if the issue isn’t properly handled or they’re showing that they’re actualling taking measures by July 1st, I’m out.

If people were to share this idea maybe we’d actually get them to act/communicate more swiftly instead of beating around the bush.



I’ll keep playing until my server has queue times. I’ll then quit right after. Had to play queue simulator with endwalker. Not doing that shit again. Also, I doubt people leaving will make SG care seeing as they are bragging about it lmao. They’ll probably be fine with the Western version dying as long as they get collaborations for their KR version.

Why would they bother releasing a NA/EU version if they don’t inted to keep it alive? You could see it as a quick cashgrab but this damages their image way too much for it to be worth it imo…

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yeah imma quit too. This waiting game is bs lmao! Ppl have other things to do than sit there and wait for a stupid game.

Only thing that would get me to think about leaving is if Vykas isn’t out by July 1.