June 30 update not the best idea

@Roxx you should talk to the team and see if vykas can be delayed a week it’s probably not the best idea to release on the weekend of the 4th.

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Yeah all of smilegate based in Korea should not release content on a US holiday cause we are most important.


what you mean they get a 4day weekend while the forums burn this is perfect timing for the higher up


It is our version of the game not the Korean version you forget this?

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Our version isn’t developed by AGS. its still managed and content being released by SG… so… No they don’t care about holidays, they care more about the people crying on the forums over “no communication”.

rip this games community.


There’s you answer. If AGS cared, they would pay staff to handle that weekend. They don’t, so they won’t, and SGR has no reason to be concerned about it. That’s not their problem, it’s not their job to fix AGS’s bad practices.

I agree with this but they already announced it lol.

Imagine all the bugs that are going to be reported during their time off because everyones playing

July 1st = Canada day
July 4th = US independence day.

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So they don’t have a weekend crew for emergency patches (although a server restart is possible). Other than that, they will get to it first thing once the work week starts. It’s not like a game breaking bug could happen and people gets stuck in limbo for a week or something… right?


It isnt game feedback … And we dont have only NA region. You can as well participate in your important day to your country and you can progress Vykas a whole 7 days


“Less than a week”

US entitlement as usual. This game doesn’t exist only in US in the Western version. NA not is just US if you don’t know geography. Also, Western version includes EU and SA.


OMG! Entitlement again… Should we start to consider each country Independence Day? People like you live in a cave :man_facepalming:


I think they were just thinking about being able to at least release the update in June but hey no one’s complaining, OP is just warning them about possible problems

lol then go celebrate your patriotic ‘holiday’ if it’s so important to you, there are many players who just want to play the “new” content already

Funny that alot of people think that our west version from lost ark, is NA only and everything is about you lol


Oh man that gonna be so fun, can’t wait

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This is what happened with Argos it does not have to linger. It will always be here. Man will come to 1460 and do it better it will come and there will be something to do and we will get all our equipment faster. And more gold :money_mouth_face:

It’s time to study mechanics even though I forget everything while playing lol

lmao who t f cares? NA is just one region, we have EU and SA. And we, the other regions, don’t care at all about NA holidays.


why not? just because it is a holiday in US? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Do you guys know that this game doesn’t exist only in US?