June 30 update not the best idea

Lol what does it matter it will be here long enough for everyone to be able to play not understand what people are talking about here

you are most what ?
world police ?

You know what? I rather wait for them to polish their patch and fix any bugs that may come with that patch instead of them patching and many game breaking bugs come with it like the few others before.

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Every game has bugs you have nothing to do it takes time to fix till now there are in korea full of problems it is not something that needs to stop new content finally

I am not talking about every single bug. I am talking about game breaking ones like last few patches where players are getting dc’d every 10-20 min or the one when we go to our character select screen we get the EAC offline. These end up we have to for another maintenance or wait for the to fix it before we can play without problems. Plus, the delay may as well be development issues, testing issues who knows. In my opinion i rather they solve these issues asap instead of patching the game into broken mess.

uh, you forget the west doesnt just include america right? surely you cant be that stupid

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What a pointless thread.
Do you think everyone is from the US and celebrate the 4th of July?

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What is your level? In your head?

Your point? Just cause you don’t like the fact they are delaying content, doesnt mean it isnt coming. Therefore, go cool your head.

I want to understand what reason you have to say that should be delayed not because bugs is not something new

I’m tired of seeing people wanting to delay everything. If you are not level. There was enough time today for the average player at 1460 so enough with that

I ma not saying that it should be delayed. I am saying i rather they have it delayed if they are having problems with the big patch. It’s good if it comes early, but if it comes late or delayed because of specific reason that are outside of their control there’s nothing we can do about it. I can understand why people are disappointed because they didnt deliver on their promise date. However, we do not have any info why they are delaying and they may have a good reason. They stated on the announcement and will provide insight detail about it.

I am not talking about delaying because you are not at level. I am talking about why devs have intention of delaying it might because of internal issues like they just got a new director and they are trying to get used to the new setup with their new director and many other things. I am 1432. I can do normal vykas so i dont care when i do hard mode since i am doing it at my own pace.

Sorry if I was too rude I did not want to go out like that

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np bro. Just want you to understand my perspective that delaying sometimes isnt always bad, sometimes can be good. I can understand people why people don’t want it delayed because they want new content. Of course i understand your perspective of being frustrated at people who hasnt reach the required level to do new content because their FOMO is getting into their psyche. Because it is nonsense.

Oh again. I am curious why americans always thing they are the only one and most important in the world. This version is NA/EU/SA. I am 90% sure EU has more population then NA in almost all western games. Still you think you have the right to determine how our version to looks like. In EU and SA 4th July means notning, it’s usual working day. If they can release Vykas on EU and SA and delay it for NA i am ok with that.

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It’s not the 4th of July that is important. Comeon guys, on June 30th is International Asteroid Day

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not all life in the USA
and when there is a Day in my country should all other players wait because i only think about me???

Not everyone on Western LA release is from the US.
Not everyone in the US celebrates 4th of July.
Not everyone who celebrates 4th of July will be busy the whole day.

Its not just your version of the game its also version for EU and we dont have anything on july 4th so shut up and suck it up

Yeah, because America is the center of the world. C’mon man… :slight_smile: