June 30th update too early, can we delay to July 7th?

Working on getting my bard to 1460 and need another 2 weeks. Can we get this delayed a bit more? Would go from good release timing to amazing release timing!


youll get the update in 2023

Be quiet. If you didn’t had time to get your character 1460 with all those delay you should not care about doing vykas on release

Update confirmed june 30th

Yes I’m asking if they can push it back another week! :slight_smile: :heart:

and the whole playerbase respectfully tell you to f off


You gotta meet the sarcasm, our dear friend

just ignore him… his topic

My bard is still 1385. How about July 28th?

How about early 2024, so my Artist which release winter 2023 can play vykas 1st day? Pretty please? putting on cute dog eyes

“June 30th” …suuuuuuure lol

Can we delay June update to September ? :pray:

Well they already released June 30th statement, asking them to push back a week!

I just wanted patch notes :joy:. I am content with those.

Knowing them, they haven’t received the build yet, so have had no time to play test it. I wouldn’t be surprised at a game breaking bug that forces it to be delayed to July.

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