June Event Feedback

I’m gonna try to avoid making this a typical “this event sucks” thread because there are plenty of those already and it would not only be redundant, but I also don’t find them very constructive. However, I do feel compelled to express my frustrations with the Heartbeat Island event. These frustrations are my own opinion and what I personally think should be changed.

Firstly, I don’t agree with people who are saying that the event is a complete failure. Sure, the event isn’t exactly fun (more on what makes it unfun shortly), but it is an event that has a reward shop that awards honing materials as well as some other goodies like cosmetics or horizontal progression items. Secondly, there is still plenty of time to get a “summer” event, so I don’t think there’s any reason atm to think that this event is the end all be all for the summer in Western Lost Ark. There are a few problems though that make this event stand out in a really bad way…

  1. The daily quests task you with standing in the exact same spot for 3 minutes with nothing to do besides look at your character or Alt+Tab out of the game. There are 3 of these quests, which means 9 minutes total of this per character. Considering the average dedicated player uses their character slots for alts, you’re looking at almost an hour of just afking. I don’t need to explain why this is a waste of time, especially for people who have other things to do than play for 10 hours a day.
  2. The boss is ridiculous. It deals half your HP with a normal attack, I have an easier time staying alive in Hard Valtan than I do this event boss. You’re also forced to sit on top of it and hold left click bonking it with a glowstick, so when the boss does a large AOE attack you better be healthy or have your spacebar off of cooldown. At least if you die, there is a teleporter next to the island spawn that brings you back to the fight. But there’s no reason for this boss to be loaded up on steroids.
  3. Removing pheons from the reward shop is a really shitty move imo. Aside from maybe a login reward, spending irl money, or using a large portion of your gold from weeklies in the currency exchange, there’s really no other way to get pheons. And you can’t really use the market without a large quantity of pheons.
  4. If someone doesn’t like the event and doesn’t want to waste 20 minutes per character doing it every day, simply going about their dailies most likely won’t be enough to sustain them with enough event currency like the Grand Prix did. Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids alone will not suffice.

People were trashing the chicken event as well. While there was nothing particularly enjoyable about the chicken event, it was relatively easy to do, didn’t take more than 5 minutes, and had a great rewards shop. This event will likely have you carefully planning out your week just to be able to buy everything out of the shop before the next reset. I would like to see the timer on the afk quests to be reduced to somewhere around 1 minute, the boss hard nerfed, pheons readded to the shop, and the currency you get from dailies increased.

To conclude, I understand that some people may disagree with my opinions, but I’d like to keep discussion civilized if possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


The summer event is next month.


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Fixed the title.


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Based on the length of your post you were sitting at each of the 3 minute waiting spots on one of your many alts with lots of time to spare


It’s hilarious that you mention that because that’s exactly what I did :rofl:

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