June & July are near so the time to VOTE is here!

There’s a time to fight and a time to show appreciation and in this post i would like us, the community to do both. Out of 14,000 votes, Lance Master was the most requested subclass on my poll, and “coincidentally“ the first subclass we’ve received so with all that in mind i would like to sincerely give my thanks to the hard working and receptive people down at Smile Gate and i hope some of you in the comments even those of you who didn’t get your subclass show your appreciation too!

It’s easy to think your participation in surveys have little impact on the end goal but i assure you it’s the exact opposite and our previous forum poll is a prime example of that. I don’t know how popular this post will be but if you see this and you care about everything involving classes please show your support by taking the survey and thread bumping the post in the comments!

   Previous Survey For Reference
   New Survey

I am not adding Artist and i’m sorry but it doesn’t matter how many of you guys complain. Artist is the newest subclass to be added and i’m pretty sure that RU and JP don’t even have it yet. We’re stuck playing catchup so it’s very unlikely that will be getting Artist anytime soon let alone before the older subclasses that we’re missing. I didn’t have any diabolical agenda or bias when excluding Artist. My last small survey literally included Artist and it had 2,054 votes. However, upon further consideration i’d rather those votes go to subclasses that we know we can get so i and some of you who care can get a clearer but realistic picture on what the community wants next on this new survey!

I really want the votes to reflect the views of this post to some extent so if you haven’t already please vote for the class you’re most interested in out of the options i gave.


they should remove mokoko seeds from the game,release all legion raids tommorow and permaban everyone below 1400 ilvl and game is saved


If you’re going to include an option for “most desired class June / July” regardless of reasoning excluding a class seems a little unfair does it not? Didn’t you have artist the the previous community poll anyways and it came in a solid second place?


Votes should go to classes that we know we can actually get otherwise is not as accurate as it should be IMO.
Please pick another class you’re interested in.


Who are you to say that a class is or isn’t obtainable? Even if AGS or SG decide that they wont release said class they could always pick the second most popular class it doesn’t need to be the first place class. But by excluding a class some may want you artificially skew the numbers in favor of another class or reduce the people who may even want to participate


RU & JP don’t even have artist YET and they are way ahead of us.
Also, I never said “what’s your most desired subclass” i said “Out of the following subclasses what do you want next” and
lastly, you and everyone else don’t have to vote if it bothers you that much.

I’m not gonna go back and forth with people it’s simply how i want to do this next round of votes in comparison to my last poll.


Yea - generally speaking a poll should include all options, no matter your personal opinions and or beliefs that it will or won’t come because it is too “new”. Without all the options, is the poll really accurate? I’d say no.

Missing an option on a ballet doesn’t seem minuscule to me.


Except your poll is for “June & July” which RU does in-fact get artist and a strong possibility at JP also receiving artist. And it isn’t just about Artist its about the fact that simply excluding an option because of your perception that it “isn’t realistic” skews the numbers and snuffs out voices of players whom most desired sub class is one you chose to excluded. If you are going to ask players to vote for their most desired sub classes regardless of any reason you are not the one that gets to make that decision.


i just wanted to see his reply…

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I think Roxx commented yesterday or the day before that Artist will likely be one of the last classes released for exactly the reason OP has included in their poll.

The poll may well influence the schedule of classes already set for the next few months by shuffling one up or down but it’s far less likely to get you a class next month that they have planned to be last on the list


I appreciate that. Haven’t been on the forms lately so i’m not up to date but i’m glad to hear that me and Roxx are on the same page.

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I assume you mean this one, she also explicitly said it could change as well nothing is concrete at all. The fact that things can change is apparent with the Glavier release, the fact that sorceress was included over summoner as well.

Regardless of how much the poll may or may not influence decision made for one class or another, to exclude one at all from the poll makes the poll itself disingenuous to a portion of the community. Even if its “far less likely” the probability is not zero.

The point I’m making is simply, that if you want to collect data from the community include all options regardless of personal feelings if it is, or is not “realistic”. It’s not up to us to decide which class to include or not include, all we can do is simply provide a voice and data giving feed back as to which classes we’d like to see.


When you are trying to provide feedback on viable options for the immediate future, it makes perfect sense to actually limit the data you are collecting to actual viable options.

AGS is well aware Artist is in demand, there are many threads about it and it always ranks high in overall popularity. No one is dismissing Artist, OP is just trying to collect useful data for the immediate future.

And to be honest I can also understand them not wanting yet another thread descending into an argument about Artist and derailing the conversation.

I intend to roll an Artist when they come out but be damned if i’m not tired of seeing nearly every class discussion that’s not even about them go south because of people with no sense of perspective


Amen :clap:t5:

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I understand what you are saying I really do. I see many threads myself with it derailing over and over again especially some of the more trolly comments. I genuinely not trying to say one way or another. From my perspective though to exclude the class at all especially when we consider RU has it for sure coming June and JP is a strong chance of receiving her the chance at a global release isn’t out of the question.

The only reason I bring it up at all is the fact the poll specifically is targeting June & July. Far as I’m concerned Scouter could’ve been omitted from the poll my response would be exactly the same. Excluding a class or an option regardless of personal feelings and a singular view angle muddles the data and skews the sample in favor of what may not actually be representative of what people genuinely want because they weren’t even given the option in the first place.

I’m all for a mass community poll on the subjects of what we’d all like to see changed however we cannot omit options as we please just because they may seem “unrealistic”. I am also fully aware that AGS is likely aware that Artist is very desired by the community. But now we have a poll that provides a potential for 10’s of thousands of votes and a set of hard data that isn’t just “appreciate threads” it’s very easy to send this around the community en masse and collect a huge sample size. These hard numbers on this new sample may suddenly show that the community has shifted gears and now wants Arcana instead and that could influence the final release ordering.

Look, I’m just saying give everyone a voice don’t exclude things even if they seem unrealistic we’re providing data and feed back nothing more nothing less. I would like everyone’s feed back to be able to be heard.


I’m not including Artist so it can get 2000 votes of which could’ve gone to another subclass that we for sure can get. My last survey included artist, this one will not.

Please just drop it.

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Bad poll, all classes should be included.


If you don’t like it don’t do it… that simple.

I want arcana


Me too but i think i want Reaper a little bit more.