June update delayed is actually good

Hello peeps,

I want to share my thoughts on the situation and see if anybody agrees or not.

So, as you all know already (would be difficult not to) mid-June update is now 30th of June update, so Vyakys is coming only next week.

Why do I think that this situation as actually beneficial for the playerbase? It’s simple:

  1. They are gonna give us some compensation, as they pretty much f***d up big time, they will have to please the community with something, as western community doesn’t tolerate such things in general

  2. More players will be able to get a few additional ilvls on Vyakys hard, meaning there will be less random deaths from normal patterns of bosses.

  3. People will have more time to watch some Guides and get ready for the raid, as it takes longer and content-creators will have more time to cover most of difficult mechanics

So, overall, this delay brings more good then harm IMO. It sucks that we have no event to cover the upcoming week tho, but, let’s hope they bring us some goodies for it later :wink:


I’m not fussed either way but aside from the compensation, none of your other points would have changed if they added Vykas today (or at any point in June).

Just saying.

I like that there’s always threads like these after something disappointing happens big or small its fascinating. Its fun watching people rationalize stuff. :eye:

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Don’t mind me. I’m just here to watch the mouthfrothing savages tear the OP apart with their pitchforks.

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Why is that? I think that considering how many RMTers and botters got banned or penalized, it’s obvious that the percentage of 1460+ players had decreased (man, whole guilds got banned for a reason you know). And it’s logical that this additional week will add more players to the pull or let those who already are at 1460 to advance further and have better time doing the boss.

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why would they compensate us? they said june so they can still release it on 30th


The only thing about the delay that I like is that hey hopefully (copium) came to their senses now and actually fight against the bots and rmt’ers and get that situation better under control. Also I hope they are reviewing their whole plan on class release cadence because in my opinion the last release plan was dogshit.

If they are actually doing something useful with the delay then I’m not as mad but if we now still get nothing and the bots come back etc. it was all for nothing.

I hope they give a nice huge summer event with cool skins and stop this stupid drip feeding of skins cmon it’s just so sad to see how many skins the korean version has and we have like 3 for each class (which are also from the skin lines that were not well received).

It sucks that we will no be without a week of event and login rewards and the chicken event was kinda lackluster in terms of progression power.

At this point compensation is surely in order for the long queue times as well as the back and forth with dates and the 0 communication over the last 1-2 weeks.

We dont care about your toughts, we want content asap.

I cant really follow the logic of getting more ilvls meaning less random deaths from mechanics? Do you think people want to outlevel vykas nm/hm just to survive one basic skill? I hardly doubt that is their pov.

I dont see any “advantage” of releasing vykas later except that we have a dead week coming along (which is for people above 1460 a really boring one) and that the trustlevel towards ags dropped once again to an even lower level (is this still possible I wonder).

Anyhow dead week lets goooooo, at least my main is full relic 2/2/2 thanks to Valtan, such a chad.

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This week is pretty much a free week
to go touch grass
Get some fresh air and exercise (stock up on fresh piss bottles)
I bet ya’ll need it after the last 3 months of no lifing this game

Don’t worry, next week you can return to your basements and nail boards over your windows again

AGS employees in disguise spotted

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Mokoko COSTUME?=

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I stopped caring at this point, an experienced AGS customer lol.

At least we get some compensation items.

Yeah, most experienced players on Twitch will tell you that having 1475 or 1480 thanks to a few additional clicks on Armor will save your beautiful butt a lot of times, as many classes will have a hard time not getting oneshot on Vyakys.

For example, I am a Gunslinger, and thanks to the delay I have a chance to reach 1480 with a few petties on my armor, and will not get oneshot via a random pattern, but loose 70% HP bar and heal back up. Personally that fits me

Fair enough altough all the mechanics that do such a huge amount of damage are avoidable. Granted everyone has a weak moment and cant dodge in time but thats hardly a good point to delay vykas by so many days/weeks :smiley:

I am not saying it’s a good decision from PR point of view, and it’s clear many will be mad and unsatisfied, but it does benefits us as a players if you look into it :slight_smile:

I disagree with 2 and 3 as it can apply to any length of delay. The first one I disagree as well because with 2 and 3, valtan is becoming overgeared and boring and the compensation rewards aren’t going to match the one week of vykas reward and the expectations that the users had.

It’s your right to disagree :wink:

All I am sharing is my point of view, you are always allowed to disagree and share yours :face_with_monocle:

Lol it was already the case with class delay buddy and what we got ? The actual June delay.