June update frustrations

If you cant provide the information youve been stating you would daily for the last two weeks just dont say anything at all please.
I think it would be recieved with a lot less frustration if you didnt keep offering folks something to look forward to in terms of info on the update and constantly failing to provide said info just say sorry cant say anything and dont know when i can sure some will be mad but the constant teasing of news and never providing will always cause uproar


The lack of information has been like this since release. It’s not gonna change anytime soon.


Fair enough and i agree i just dont appreciate the fact we get played so often

If there is anything we as the players can learn from the past 4 months it is this right here.

Welcome to what I like to call an abusive relationship.

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I played new world im drawn to the type

always expect the bare minimum from AGS/SG and you can never be disappointed.

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Thats why i think AGS shouldn’t say anything anymore, just say “June update in June” and don’t say “mid June” or anything

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I pretty much live by this for everything in life honestly. Always expect disappointment but never be disappointed cause you saw it coming.

I don’t care that much anymore to be honest.

It’s better for us players to not release Vykes this week
because of 2 things

  1. the bot ban , the market needs time to heal to stabilize , the only thing that might interrupt the market stabilization is Vykes.
  2. all the event in the Russian and Japanese servers with the Artist release tomorrow.

Given that both wont benefit AGS I assume it’s 95% this week , at 23th

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the problem is, once they stop runing their ban scripts like now, we got +100k bots in like 6-7 hours already. So it won’t stabilize unless they run their scripts 24/7

That is exactly what they are looking for… Im in the same path sadly, just dont care anymore

The bots will learn to get around whatever they did. It happened the last 2 times there was big ban waves. The longest it took the bots was a week when the implemented the trusted account non sense I think.

All naw servers went from green last night to yellow again this morning

they refuse to invest money to fight while they can’t do it without. We’ll be back to square 0 soon

I am more interested in what kind of issues they will have after this week’s patch :slight_smile: Last week was punika growth pack

for them it isn’t an accident and they don’t give a f. But this patch feels like the glavier patch, will come last minute with blabla build excuses and such, like always.

I have no expectations and they still manage to disappoint. Business intelligence.

AGS has been a game studio for 10 years receiving 500mil per year from Amazon and New World and Lost Ark were the first games that actually got released in those 10 years. We knew the debacle that was New World and we’re seeing a repeat of some same issues with Lost Ark.

What makes you think something would change?

Smilegate is in the same position. They only came into existence as a company that ripped off Counterstrike because Korea didn’t have dedicated servers so they copy and pasted Counterstrike and made money off stolen assets releasing the game in Korea and China.