June Update - Make Character Expansion Available via In-game means!

“It’s important to us that players have a path to acquire items from our in-game store without spending real money. Nearly every store item can be acquired with Crystals, available by trading Gold through the player-run Currency Exchange. Items acquired with Royal Crystals are also tradable through the player-to-player Market. The Market allows the community to play an active role in the valuation of items and makes the economy within Arkesia highly flexible— letting players trade items as they see fit. Through these avenues, nearly all items are available in exchange for in-game, earnable currencies (with a few account-level exceptions, such as name changes).”

“It’s always our goal for in-game purchases to be (and feel) optional, and for players to feel encouraged to progress at whatever pace they’re comfortable with.”

Please allow players to expand their roster for free via IN-GAME MEANS. Without doing so, these quotes are a direct contradiction to what was said in the June Update.

No player should feel pressured to either pay for a slot with real currencies or to delete characters to play new classes being released.

With Arcanist just around the corner, now would be THE best time to allow players this freedom of choice, expand their rosters and spend time enjoying the game without feeling they have lost progress, time and resources.


Dude u cant give 10 bucks to a game u spend hundreds of hours on?


By this logic, you might as well make it $5/month to play (new class every 2 months @ $10). The game is free-to-play for a reason, I even quoted in the OP about how to the company wants to move forward with cash shop related purchases.

This same argument is tired and boring and seemingly spread by people either unwilling to engage, not wanting to critically think, people who are entitled by their money spent, or by shills. Keep pushing your narrative though.

Maybe looks past more than just the title and actually read the body.

If they would change it all people that had to buy it with royals would be mad i feel like :sweat_smile:

I dont care at all sitting on royals and blue crystals.

But if they change it it should be very expensive atleast.