June updates got delayed ;(

Kia Ora, peeps, in case that some of u might not notice this post here. the post was in the gerenal discussion section. I found it by coincidence.

roxx has confirmed that the june updates wont be happening this week :confounded:…thnx to bots, now im officially entering my burnout period~

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Yup boring for the following days, no content

What happens from this is future all contents be delayed week by week. Sadge

She never said it was due to bots.

i never said the delay was due to bots neither~

sry dude, but ur english must be taught by ur math teacher

I think it is good that this update gets delayed a bit. I think most people are fine with it

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me too, i know its for the best, but just cannot stand for one more week waiting~ :sob:

Yea but maybe this update is finally a polished one :hugs::+1:

er…i wouldnt be sure about that~but lets hope for the best~

No it didnt delay :slight_smile: Roxx said “roughly mid june” so its coming in june 2023 :kissing_smiling_eyes: