Juneteenth Representation #2

Well atleast u used LGB. :eyes:

Bro I dont think they are racist. This is a korean game and most people here around the world are not into USA political agendas and events, don’t be one of those people spamming everywhere and calling everything racist. Many NA games are covering this already if I’m not wrong, play those. I know you have a big problem over there but I don’t think you are helping by telling a guy from EU, SA or asia they are racist because they don’t know what you are talking about.


The guy attributing what I was saying, to someone who might be ESL (english as second language) and telling me to you use a transator is pretty damn racist, LOL.

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Either way, no, fuck your representation and just no. Go be a loser somewhere else.

He makes a lot of sense to me. You’re racist and xenophobic.

wow, so many racist karens… why am i not surprised?

Where does race fit into any of that? Harping on someones use of the english language is hardly racist unless the person connects it to your race somehow. Race can be pretty independent of language since anyone can speak any language as their first language. Seems more like just being rude. Not everything is racist you know.


That’s how much the term has dropped where everything to some people is now considered racist, including math and birds. Sad thing is the people that do that have no clue how much they are insulting those in the world (of ANY race) and those in history that actually deal with real racism.

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Clicked on the original flagged comment and saw the last line. How about I support businesses that treat me well and are worth supporting, regardless of the race of the person who owns the business. I don’t play the wokester virtue signalling game so I don’t pander to people in trying to get wokester points.

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I freed some slaves on Kalthertz to celebrate. :joy:

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I’m glad you’re able to understand the incoherent ramblings of a Zoomer. I don’t see what that has to do with race, though. Lol!

Dang i forgot about this post. Glad to see how racist we can get over memes. Good work NA just keeps on NAing