Just a doubt pls be nice

I’ll aprecciate if some fellow forum user or mod could help me clarifying this

Welp i have a lil brother so he wants to play too, since i work most of the day i tought i could create him a steam account and let him play on my pc while im not home
But then i tought this could be again ToS
Is that the case?
don’t want to get banned cz of it so im asking 1st
Ty in advance

A ‘brother’


u sound ur brother is under age a little. if u have paid attention to some the skins on female models in the game, u probably wont be asking this question in the 1st place.

I recommend ur borther to play the warcraft mobile game (cant remember the name), it is designed very cartoonish suitable for kids.

the best is to let him read some books and stay away from these games instead, otherwise when he grows up, he probably end up being toxic just like us.

Creating an account for another person is ok. Playing on the same PC is also ok as long as you switch accounts. The game is 18+ though, so how “little” is “lil brother”? And you are not allowed to play on his account, he is not allowed to even share his login with you, etc…

true i guess, i mean pretty much every commercial game has those kind of skins
but i guess is smtng to consider
and yup i totally forgot is +18 so i gues he has to wait a bit more
(+when u are almost 30 ur 17 year old brother is lil brother)
ty all^^