Just a little positive post

So i have been reading lots of negative posts on here and just wanted to change the mood a little.

I am loving this game and hope it continues. Keep up the good work. Im not sure anyone could have guessed how much interest this game was going to attract on the opening week. (I myself didnt even notice this game until the day before early access).

Yes the posts about server queues and language issues are correct and they need sorting. Ive sat in a few massives queues myself which is frustrating but my frustration is that i cant play a game that tbh i have been addicted to ever since i first created my character.

Im sure people will disagree but for me the game has been amazing so far!


Totally agree with you, i like the game alot too

Hello there,
I’ve been reading the forum for a while and after all these negatives comments I wanted to say something myself about the game and it showed your post.
I waited this game for 4 years since the korean release and I am really happy that you bring it here, the game is awesome and even if you made some mistake, I am very happy about this game and the way you manage to bring it to us.
You’ve opened a new region in few days and that is awesome, even if I wont restart the game on it because I invested so much on EUC but I still have the choice, that’s important.
Well sorry for my english this is not my native langage, I just wanted to say thank you very much, the game is nice, awesome, beautifull, funny, the songs are just stunning, the scenario and the direction of the dungeon are amazing.
For the guys and girls behind this TREMENDOUS work thank you for all and keep a good mood, you’re awesome.

Agreed, beside it´s flaws atm, the game is awesome !

We all love the base game which came from Korea.

AGS are paid to listen to your concerns, not the other way around. Calling the issues “negativity” is not fair to paying customers.