Just a Little Skin Rant

I’ve been saving a lot of these skins (dino, cow, etc) for the eventual release of Aeromancer. I hope we’ll get some of these again soon with Specialists being able to use them.


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I’m sure someone will try on their Artist soon. If they don’t work currently you’ll have your answer.

Roxx said any current skin boxes will not work with the specialist class. They will have new ones with updated skins as they release but any previous we’re SOL. :frowning:

People are reporting they cannot use Animal skin’s, so I think that probably the answer. They won’t work.

I already knew we wouldn’t be able to use them since Roxx informed us. It’s just somewhat inconvenient.

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Absolute fucking bruh moment.

Imagine saving skins for an entire fucking year only for them not to work.

Classic Amazon.

Funny thing is, I don’t give a shit if they give us new ones in the future, what are the odds of them giving us the “deal with it” glasses again for instance?
(That’s a rhetorical question btw)

Plenty of people had specific outfit ideas that have been shit on by Amazon right now.

roxx had already stated the boxes wouldnt update.
i still kept them just incase so not upset

Imagine saving skins for a whole year despite being told that old skin chests will not have artist skins added to them and then being mad when they couldnt use the skin chests for their artist. That same skin set thay they were told wouldnt be applied to artist.

Typical playerbase

Some silver-lining. Someone in a discord server said one of the boxes they gave out will work as linked below.