Just a quick hello

Hey Lost Ark Devs and Community.

Im Jack. Passionate Gamer.

Favourite Game of all-time: The Last of Us.

Definitely looking forward to digging into Lost Ark. Played the latest test. Not usually my type of Game (top-down style like Diablo). But was very impressed by the ease in which you level and progress. Liked the story and like the fact that once you hit max level, the game has plenty of content.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently played New World. One of the major issues with New World is the communication. I primarily get my gaming content from Twitter and have been hugely surprised by the lack of communication between consumer and dev team. I’ve read quite a few posts on here stating a lack of communication. Although, it’s not relevant because Lost Ark hasn’t officially released in NA/EU yet. So very understandable the Devs are hard at work until launch.

All I ask is this. Please communicate when necessary. When New World had major issues, they stopped communicating. You could tell they were panicking behind the scenes. Not good. Then when they do communicate, sometimes they give contradictory comments.

However, AGS is just the Publisher with Lost Ark so I’m assuming communicating will be extensively better.

I really enjoyed the dungeons in the latest test. So easy to join and play. I myself am not a PVP player but have watched many clips and it looks fun.

Anyway. I hope to see Lost Ark have an amazing launch with a really positive fan base. Looking forward to seeing all your pets/mounts :+1::facepunch:


hello and welcome aboard the lost ark train! hopefully the launch will be great. i’m counting days xD


Hello Jack! I hope Lost Ark can become the game you’re looking for! Cannot wait to see you at lanch.