Just a reminder for MMO players

Have fun. It’s a game, not your full-time job (at least shoudn’t be). People are almost exploding themselves on C4s due to some reasons, like honing chance and upcoming patches.



MMO players will never be chill.

as an aside, here are the WoW General forums three months after it launched (and also when I started playing). Sadly the contents of the posts will be forever lost, but you get the idea.


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WoW sucks

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Why? Do you have a valid reason to say so?

I mean, fair enough if you only played it in the last 4 years. It leaned hard into the solo player content and pugging, which kind of killed the vibe it originally had.

Even now though, “dead” WoW is more successful than any MMO has or had a right to be. Right place, right time. It will most likely never happen again for any MMO :frowning:

The point of that link however, was MMO forums, in general, are terrible places full of terrible people. Because happy people don’t tend to make forum posts.

As someone who has played since TBC…

-Terrible story arcs resulting in the bastardazation of many a beloved character

  • “Systems” the game. Hell most “systems” are lucky to survive a full patch cycle, much less an expansion.

  • One of the most Alt unfriendly games around

  • Can literally buy gold from blizzard and then use that gold to buy certain amounts of power. Arguable P2W in a fucking Buy 2 play+sub mmo. Horrid.

  • All the best skins and mounts are microtransctions

  • Needless Censorship to try and make up for their companies terrible irl behavior that amounts to nothing but ass covering and pissing players off

  • Completely inconsistent difficulty and raid design

  • Haphazard and inconsistent leveling experiences

  • What is PvP? They forgot about it, i might as well too

  • Worse rep grinds of any MMO I’ve ever played

  • Titanforging existed

  • Anduin

  • They did Arthas completely dirty

  • Blizzard as a company

  • Heorics were almost fun in Cata, then they got nerfed

  • World first raiders are actually world first beta testers

  • Community is absolutely terrible in general, even by internet mmo standards

  • Copium and hopium addicts.

…I could list more.


You still missed the point of my post apparently…

Imo venting now is fine, because many things are very much still in the air.

After the launch quiets down, yeh, you probably don’t want to visit the forums too often. It’s going to be a garbage bin.

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LOL im ded :joy: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:

Not forgetting Ion Hazzikozzas is literally the most incompetent game director I’ve ever seen and a total Bobby Stooge.

BFA was such a steaming pile of dung that I had Anthem flashbacks.

You are pushing with your passive-agressive behaviour; They deleted your thread :slight_smile: try to behave dude, you are not in the position to speak about losing rights…

Thanks man, hope youre having fun too. Take your time to enjoy the game and go at your own pace. It’s not a rat race afterall. Much love. <3

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