Just a suggestion regarding Region Transfer (Incase it ever comes out)

Hi! I am one of those players who strongly desire for the region transfer. I am just here to give a suggestion regarding this, as I’ve seen questions about firstly, names; there are going to be names/guild names(rare) problems, as for example, people from different region has different region, and region transfer/region merge might cause these names to collide. Here is my suggestion, firstly, we can start using a Unique ID for each players, lets take discord or Genshin Impact as an example, as we can use the same name, but the only thing that matters is the Unique ID. One may ask, how do you whisper a player if both has the same name? This can be solved by having the whisper that requires us to choose between two names, with their Unique ID behind their names. Example in a discord group, with 10 people having the same name, you can still tag them based on their #number. This is just a suggestion, hope this helps!

I am still looking forward in region transfer, and I hope this can be developed and implemented soon, as many people would be super happy with this feature.

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