Just a Valtan HM rant

Just a rant.

I play on SA and Valtan HM is absolutely Not fun to clear.

Matchmaking is non existent (I’ve waited for more than 30 mins on a Friday night only to give up) and party finder takes ages just to find a support, then, when all is ready ppl just wipe out! I’m frustrated with the game, honestly. It was supposed to be something nice and challenging, but it’s making me want to rip my hair off at this point.

I would suggest trying to find a static group, either of forums or a guild with people that are looking to clear it. I know its probably something people have told you before, but genuinely go look on the forums for guild posts for your region, you’d be surprised how many guilds are active and chill & clear HM valtan even if they do it in 40 wipes :wink:

Thank you, I’m so tired and stressed bc of this fight lol I’ll take a look around and see if I find any groups for my region, bc the party finder has been a nightmare, honestly.

Did you use Party Finder?

I play in SA too, Kazeros, and there’s always massive Parties on Thursdays, Fridays and Weekends. Only Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are less parties, but still.

I would recommend join a gooood guild and/or find a static group.

I did, but it was either waiting hours for a sup or ppl quitting quickly after we didn’t manage to clear gate 2 after a few tries =f
Btw I’m in Feiton, but I guess this kind of content is shared between servers.

That’s a general issue. Not only in SA as I can see here in forum. People are impatient.

I confess for you, even after attend Valtan every week since release, I still don’t know it entirely hahaha It’s not hard, but learn take time for me and mistakes happen… So I understand you, but that’s what all gaming community is today.

Do a research about guilds looking for fun like you in your server. Don’t be afraid to leave your current one if they are not united.

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Why try to matchmake but then wait for a support in group finder tho? Youre not guaranteed a support in matchmaking. Also dont need support for valtan, he doesnt do a lot of consistent dmg till ghost phase, its mostly one shot mechanics

I don’t know the fight 100% too lolol I also felt like ppl wanted everyone to be professionals bc if we failed, someone was already saying how they wanted to quit lol

I’ll look for a group probably tomorrow or so, rn I’m super tired, but thanks for the reply!

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It was the party leader that insisted on having 2 sups, one for each pt. I was on party finder and tried many different parties, but everyone wanted sups or gl

Yeah! Very toxic and uncomfortable. Also, we need to try to learn, but when people quit after just a few attempts, nobody will learn. Guides on YouTube are not enough. Practice is highly necessary, mainly considering the upcoming content like Vykas, Clown and Brelshaza.

People need urgently change their mindset about wipe. If not, Brelshaza will teach them this :joy:

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