Just a warning for everyone

I am so excited! Korean players say it’s one of the best QoL changes the game has seen. The old system is really obtuse. Sometimes you are not sure which tripods your character even has active and end up with duplicates. With the new system it will become much easier to switch to different builds and try new things out.


Me RN:

Saved all +4s to inventory, then attempt transfer.

Save all +3 for potential honing.(since I already have +3)

Please correct me if I’m wrong

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I’m purchasing the +4 I need. Saving both those and the ones I’ve found.
If I have free slots or feeling frisky, I save other random +4 just for “completionism”.

Why would you attempt to transfer those tho?
You will have “secured” transfer when it comes.

Just stack them up and sell them back when the patch is announced and before it will hit, there’s gonna be mass hysteria and the prices will rise.
Saving +3 sure, depending on your situations, I kinda have all +3 on the characters that can found those.


bold of you to assume we’ll get the notes earlier than an hour before servers go down

Ahhh good to know.

I already have all the +4 that I need saved in the additional inventory slots I bought and I thought why not attempt the +4 transfer.

Guess I’ll save all the +4 for now thank bro

Ask Smileygate when it is coming.

This isn’t one of those things that will be acceptable if we find out 12 hours before maint.

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i hope it doesnt come out until scouter is out for one month

That it will come, was kinda logic.
The more interesting question is: When?
Roxx statement could mean anything from 3 Months to 3 Years, so yeah, I am far away from a hype.

Relax, we will have at least 2 weeks knowleadge before it hits. They will lots of sell crystals when it happens.

Personally I’m less than 1/4 done. Will be doing it only for my main. I brought full pages just so I don’t have to worry and pick too much.

nice to see how players are more informed and hand out such important information to the other players way earlier than the publisher.

Would be really really really really really amazing if it comes as soon as possible.

My chests are full. Need more place to store tripod scraps and it’s pity only 4 tabs.

Yep, it’s a huge QOL improvement. Please have them prepare it for the Sept patch along with the class balance changes. Much appreciated!

Roxx confirmed we are not getting tripod changes in the August update.

… well Mitte don’t know what to tell you bud.

patchnotes are up, no tripods, what are you going to say now?

Not exactly familiar with the system. Will it affect my tripods on my current gear sets? Minus a few 4’s here or there most of my gear is pretty optimized. Now for some classes I have saved 3/4s for abilities I used in different modes that can’t really fit on gear. But say for Bard do I need to reacquire a piece of summoning will lvl 4 again? or is the one I have going to translate into the new system?

What I keep hearing is tripods on the gear is not transferred.Only tripods in the library will so make sure to save everything in the library before the update hits.

any update on this ?

Oh so if on my gear is attached to the tripod inventory (storage) im good?