Just add 2nd honing option for 100% chance

As the title says… add another option that have 100% chance honing but costs more.
I just blew 1000+ great honor leapstone today… was 1385 before now im 1398 lol… this is honing system is terrible and you have bunch of clowns getting lucky on first few tries and thinks its so easy… while im here hitting 100% artisian on everything blowing through massive resources i gathered for a month for little to no progress… f this game.


You are supposed to get there with artisan XP, this is how the game is built. This honing system is quite fair to the player compared to the other KMMOs


You’re going to be in for a treat if you stick around. 1-5% chance per tap. Stop letting it bother you so much…it is what it is.


Its already in the game, its called Artisian Energy.


I feel u dude :smiley:

The literal cost of having a 100% enhance option would be the same materials you would have spent to reach 100% artisans energy + the guaranteed upgrade. There’d be absolutely no difference between both options. So your suggestion makes no sense honestly.

Unless you expect the 100% chance to cost less than that, in which case, I hardly disagree.


There are a lot of people who would do unfathomable things to go from 1385 to 1398 in one sitting.



only reason i go from 1385 to 1398 in single sitting is because i didnt hone for 1 month+… also i have 2 other alts at t3 and 3 more on the way.

Stop expecting to hit hones at less than 100% artisans. It’s another XP meter that you have to fill, if you get it before then you are lucky. But don’t expect this to happen and it won’t irritate you.


meanwhile every 2nd streamer hitting one tap +18 :smiley:

This you?


The 100% chance IS in the game. It’s your artisans energy.

Even if they did add a second option, which realistically would be the mats required to hit 100% without solars, you’d rather do that? Then possibly get lucky, and if you don’t get lucky you still have your 100% when energy hits.

people thinking artisan energy is designed as some form of “progression” are in for some lovely surprises. Legion raids will require you to hone to +17 and +19 to access them, that’s 50 fails and more per item. I hope you have those 1000 Greater leaps for +1 on single item ready.

I feel you. Although I don’t have as much issue with the cost of materials then I have with the cost of gold. Like literally, 1 weapon hone is basically costing me around 1.2k going from +10 to +11 and that’s if you’re lucky and get it on 4 tries…

I don’t have the time to do so many abyss dungeons on my alts for gold income, I simply don’t.

git gud inc.

12 o’clock news, there’s already a 100% chance option. it’s called artisan’s energy, use it

You don’t even need 50 hones to hit artisans even for +20… Check your numbers before spewing random stuff, thank you very much.

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And your point? We know all that. We just KNOW that the 100% is already there. And work with the presumption of “it takes a shit ton of time or money” instead of “oh no I should have before but I didn’t” BS.

The artisan system is exactly what you’re asking for…

It’s 100% chance to succeed, it just costs more.

Yet, here we are.

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