Just an idea about bots(stolen)

CSGO has overwatch system, which allows certain members community to review reported acts in game, by replaying a part of their match, and after that having vote system under which you choose on if player did what ever he was reported for, and under certain amount of same answers player/bot gets punishment. that would not solve problem, but it would probably assist with their number decrease.
csgo has rewarding system, but it is small. there is more enjoyable just to watch those acts what happens… spinbots, wallhacks, aimlocks,etc…

overwatch system doesn’t even work for its own game. why would it work here. please think.

… take an idea… make it better, where is the problem?
and it worked before game got free.

Sorry but two things

  1. They dont care about fixing the bot issue

  2. There’s a handful of solutions they couldve already implemented simply by viewing a game logs without needing to write a new full system. For example given some bots are freely teleporting, if they have logging enabled theyd be able to see improper coordinate moving.

no it didn’t. CSGO was completely full of hackers. Overwatch got more legit players banned then cheaters.

Overwatch being dogshit is literally WHY things like ESEA and faceit were originally created.

Dunno, from 3k hours in game, within brackets of nova-dmg, i came across maybe 1 hacker every half year or so.

numerous banwaves and bots being severely crippled compared to launc = they don’t care.

how do u function being this dumb.

Being unable to see the waves of feedback with screenshots about bots and queue times due to bots.

Dont be so obvious that youre being paid bro. Might lose your shilling job.

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