Just created second char but no powerpass

Hi All,

I just created my first alt but no powerpass available? I have completed both Vern and Rohendel

Have you claimed the first powerpass you’re given from completing North Vern? It should be in the mail on your main.

Once you claim the ticket you right click it to use it again. After that, you should be able to powerpass your first alt, and once you login into your first alt you should receive a second North Vern powerpass on its mail.

Hey there @Dioceles Welcome back to the Lost Ark forum!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Vern Powerpass. In order to unlock the 2 Vern Powerpasses you must have completed the quest “Ealyn’s Gift” and then used the Powerpass ticket sent to your in-game mail after that to unlock the Powerpass function. Please make sure you already completed those steps, if you have completed them, we can check if maybe you already claimed and activated the Powerpass ticket item. To do this:

  1. Go to the Character Selection screen and click the character you want to use the Powerpass on, then click the Powerpass button.
  2. You should then be able to see the “Vern Pass” option and below it should say “Vern Pass Event ticket”. If you can see this that means you have already claimed the Powerpasses and should be able to use them with the “Use Powerpass” button.

Please let me know if this is your case or if you have any issues with this process.

Hope this helps!

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HJi @Fanduh thank you, I’m still having difficulty. Nothing in my mail at all - can you check to see if i have already used it?