Just delay Brelshaza till you fix those servers

I very rather enjoy raiding Brelshaza in a smooth experience rather than a dc fiesta. Also on some gates if a single soul dcs its a gg go reset the raid. Many new/returning players will defo come back to try out brel and with those dcs going its literally unplayable… I,E: 5 people in my raid dced in orb mechs at vykas yesterday.

Just find a fix for the servers should be the top priority. no new content should be released at this terrible state of the game imho…


I just wanted to post a similar post as yours. I’m with you. Fix those Servers first before releasing Brel.
AGS will just get more hate if they release Brel and ppl still dc’ing from Raids. Sspecially this hard one. I mean other Games also delayed big updates to fix important stuff in their game. For example Rainbow Six Siege and their Operation Health.



It is obvious that both AGS and SG have their priorites all wrong atm. Their lack of focus on the Mass DC issue is just frighteningly unprofessional. There are multiple diagnostic tools available, both server side and client side that should be giving better information about these issues. Just the simple fact - that AGS/SG are not asking for proper data from such diagnostic software should tell everyone they know where the problem is… but are not doing anything about it.

Fact of the matter is - that the mass DC issues started with last big Patch on the 9th of November. Adding another big patch on top of an already broken one without fixing the issues could lead to even more serious issues for the already blatantly incompetent team of devs.

There is no other option than to chancel the next big patch until the current issues are actually fixed.

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Some regions doesn’t have the dc issue. Why this players need to suffer as well?

And what regions would that be? Just go and look at the last DC report list. Its from every single region. This is not ISP related… Or routing-related. This is server code related proved by AGS having ppl in Korea atm to work on it.

EUW. In the last 3 weeks i saw only one player dc in one of the raids. Me and my friends didn’t have any dc as well. Probably there are people who have, but as a whole it’s not so dramatic as EUC.

Every region experiences it, but some regions such as EUC have it worse than others. What’s the point in release a raid for 8 people when various people will dc during the raid and you have to reset the raid?

NA West isn’t really getting hit like East is. I haven’t disconnected in a long time nor have i had anyone dc from my raids recently

EUW has less of DC issues cause almost no ppl play on EUW. And there are even less bots bugging the servers as well to cause server-related issues.

Just the simple fact that these issues are not as big on the unpopulated region should tell everyone exactly where the issues are coming from. And expecting the Brel patch to be released just because dead server region is not having as big of an issue… tells everyone exactly how incompetent AGS/SG really are.

I am curious all of you who non stop repeat how EUW is dead, did you have at least one character at end game in this region to see for yourself or your opinion comes from the other people who just heard EUW is dead? EUW is a smaller then EUC but imagine there are parties for everything at least in prime time. Dead server is when you can’t do any content because there are no players.

It’s the exact same thing why EUW is not having issues. Less populated and fewer bots. Why are we not talking about the OBVIOUS issue here. Acting like its ok to release a bug-ridden, mass-dcing server code for the masses because less populated server regions are fine… Should tell you exactly how bad the management of the game really is.

I had a charcter on EUW m8. Don’t act like we don’t know how dead it is even now after merges.

They have time to fix it till release no delays

If you think for one second that their focus is in customer service orientation for gameplay, then you’re in for a let down. Just refer to the pheon incident if you’re ever wondering where their customer service lies.

They still have to let players know where the priority lies. The entire SG dev team should be focusing on the Server bugs causing the dc issues right now. That is just not the case.

Agree - and that’s why it is frightening to even think they will throw out a big content patch on top of an already broken content patch. We all know the priorities are not about player experience. If that was the case - they would actually be asking for more solid data and giving out detailed information about the issues.

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we have to get more ppl to raise their voice in this thread. @koynov the word you are looking for is solidarity. It is fair if all ppl get to experience the same content in the same quality. you won’t get a disadvantage if you can’t play brel when no one else is able to play it.

if the patch gets released, ppl who have a lot of DCs are indeed disadvantaged because they can’t play it at the same quality level like you.

Just don’t be selfish.


Theres No need For delaying but simply For finally fixing Them

I am in no position to say how hard it is to fix the problem or how long itll take. Id rather have stable servers than having brel though. Dced 9 Times within 3 hours on Slen/EUC yesterday.

Okay, here is a calculation for you. They have not been able to fix this problem since the last big patch got out. that was 3 weeks ago. Still no fix. Instead of focusing on 2 things at the same time with each 50% of the team capacity, they could invest 100% in those server problems to see where the problem is. delaying the patch is the conclusion of that. it is better for the playerbase and ags.