Just failed my first chaos dungeon of the day due to high ping

US East server Azena is fluctuating between 3000-7000ms response times. Failed a chaos dungeon because the game wasnt even registering my character hitting mobs. Would appreciate some form of compensation.

Yep same exact thing was sitting at 6800 ping lol so bad.

same and i didnt do it yesterday so i lost the bonus as well on US west 10k+ ping

Same here… 10k ping in NA East and i also failed the chaos dungeon i was doing… I lost lot of mats lol

IGN: Pytorch
Server: Avesta (US East)

Same here - had to leave the chaos dungeon on the Avesta server. Consumed 50 aura of resonance too - can we get this back? seems unfair for us to be penalised when the servers are breaking and thats causing us to fail.