Just for Clarification on Powerpasses

I got my Punika power pass from the Honorary Punikan quest, after the update where they locked out the power passes because of the intended uses. Will my Punika power pass still be available to me even though its locked out for now? Or will I have to use the purchasable ones -_-

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The official update is set for mid this week and I have really no idea but … I have to believe the chance of your not getting to use the free one are infinitesimally small.

Only problem is when they’ll fix it/when it will be available.


Just surprise me ASG let this slide for days when it’s an item from the shop. I was expecting a fix the next day or so.

I wanted to buy a powerpass for my striker but I’m waiting just like you :confused:

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Yea but i got mine from the quest so, it better be there when they fix the update cause thats not fair

You won’t lose out on it when it’s re-enabled, no. For bonus reassurance, if some weird bug were to happen when they are re-enabled which made it disappear, we would definitely owe you that free pass and make sure to do grants for the affected players.


ty for the reassurance, are we getting any sort of compensation for being stuck for a week without passes?

Doesn’t feel good having your free pass disappear after using it nowhere to be seen hope this doesn’t cause another inconvenience just because I didn’t use it fast enough without knowing there was a timer thx to bot like the rep gold. I was hoping to do Argos on my new guy this week, that’s the real bummer.

Thank you so much Roxx

Anyone knows when the passes will work again? Been down for a week now soon… :frowning: Sadge.


no cause it has 0 impact outside of well gearing said character.