Just give us a date already

Just give us date for the big patch with new Vern and lanceMaster, why it’s so hard ?




Probably because they have no idea themselves unfortunately.

Soon™ on one of Thursdays.


Anytime now fellas

April 30, 11:59:59 PST.

You forgot the year again!

April 30th 2026.

AGS 5head move: release an April and May roadmap, but don’t tell them what years April and May.

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I not defend Amazon or anything heck (just look at my posts), but seems like there’s a communication gap btw Smilegate (KR) and AGS, Amazon only does localization and ban people, thats their job, Smilegate decides when stuff happens, but here’s the issue that I’ve been telling people from AGES, do you know how many version of Lost Ark they’re? KR, RU, JP, NA and TW – guess which companies has to gather all the data and analyze it individually 'cause literally every version is different from another, just look at ours how many bugs we’ve encounter even tho the games has the out for almost 4 years


When it’s ready. Obviously.

I can understand you, what I can’t understand is that the game already out for a few years they have all the deta, all the classes all the skills, there is a same game with those same classes and builds and everything so it’s not like that start from 0, just anoy they even post the LanceMaster at their website as class that already out I mean common !

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To be honest I totally understand you, Amazon should at least be more transparent about it, here “hey people, hmm the update is going to be out on next week, piece”

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My man