Just give us the punika pass

it’s been a long time since we got the free punika pass pls just give us the posibility to use it !!!
it’s very frustating to have it is not being able to use it !
At least tell us who’s taking you so long to put it back in place !!!


They dont work on weekends usually so odds are there wont be any updates on this until Monday at the earliest.

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I’m calling it, if we don’t get an update/fix before reset, they will apologize and tell us they need one more week.

And after that week delay it for another week ^^


And when it will finally be “fixed” we will get a bs ducktape type of fix that screw real players

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They did say an update on the matter would be provided “later this week” in the patch note though.

I wonder wow they are going to compensate for the loss in materials and gold that could have been farmed with that character.

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Curious to see if they are going to stick to that. It’s Sunday now, doesn’t get much later in the week than that

Maybe the referenced update was

Which was technically the day after the patchnote? My money is on no update, no explanation, nothing. But who knows, maybe we’ll have a ‘we are still working on it and have no info nor ETA to communicate’ this evening.

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That reply was from Aug 3rd as well though, so you’d like to think there would be some other update besides the “later in the week” one attached to the reset that took place that day

probably meant later this month lol

Later in August mean end of September
Later this week mean we don’t know how to fix this bs

My bad (edit: I do see it having been poste on Aug 4, 2:43 AM though while the patchnotes were posted on Aug 2, 7:14 PM). Well, no doubt they will update us, be transparent about the issue and swifly solve it. I see no reason to doubt AGS on the matter as they continuously demonstrate how competent they are and how great their customer service is.

it was provided, they didnt give an ETA.

Well I guess I don’t know your time zone you’re in, but for me in CT it shows it posted on Wednesday. I know the notes get posted earlier, but they’re attached to the reset that also happens on Wednesday. So even if the notes came out a day or so before the reset, you’d like to think when they say later in the week they don’t just mean later that day.

I’m in GMT+2. I come from the future and the probability of having an update this week is getting smaller and smaller.

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I wonder if we will get an extension on the punika pass that was disabled.

mid Septober