Just hit 1400. Can I make 1415?

Like the tittle states boys, just hit 1400. Spent around 18k gold, 600 -700 ghleapstones,300 fusion materials,etc. Can I hit 1415 by next week for valtan? Is it possible? I did the +17 cheese strat, and only have to lvl up 3 pieces 2 more times from 15 to 17. I used a lot of resources, just curious. I think i can, but i could just be beign optimistic. Thanks yall!

Of course, you don’t really need both your kidneys anyways and if you sell one, you might even be able to afford 1445, but you’ll need to be lucky for that.

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With enough money, you can do anything

I think i did 1400 - 1415 in a little over a week. I did get a bit lucky though. It’ll be tight but doable.

I went from 1400-1416 today with about 500 GHLs so it’s definitely possible if you have enough materials.

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Without spending real money doubt … you cant get enough mats even with 6 alts.

Great Honor Leapstones = 135g
Destruction Stones = 18g
Guardian Stones = 15g

Showing dem nubs under 1415 what’s up on Valtan release day
= priceless

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It all depends on your luck and mats/gold. Reached 1400 around 2-3 weeks ago, don’t remember exactly. Pitied a few pieces along the way.

Though I wouldn’t made it and yesterday got seriously lucky and hit 1416.

My only recommendation is: don’t hone without the increasing % hone mats. I learned the hard way

Yea you can but it depends on your luck.

Yeah I do believe is possible. I think the hardest part will be the great honor leapstones, plus farming the enhance materials. I normally juice the first tap then go raw till pity. Is this good to do?

I also only need guardian stones, might sell my destruction stones and trade for blues. I haven’t receive my weekly payouts as well,I only used the gold I farmed last week. I also been buying most of mari’s ghleapstones.

I’ve taken to organ harvesting my neighbours at night. Kidneys worth a good two hundred grand. I’m thinking that I should only need another half dozen to max out my account :man_shrugging:

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That’s what I have been doing, juice the first and the rest didn’t have mats for it, totally didn’t go well.
Bough full juice for around 5 hones and made it from 1408-1416 yesterday. Failed a few btw, didn’t one tap

That’s based on your luck… from 1365 to 1395 i one-tapped or two-tapped most of my gear… if you are lucky and of course if you have the mats who can do it! But even if you get lucky, if you are missing the resources then you can’t do anything but wait!

That’s not true.
You actually get tons of mats with 6 t3, especially if they are minimum 1340 or better 1370.

It all depends if you have any other materials to increase honing chances because if you are going to attempt with only 15% then expect to reach pity at least a few times.

You will probably need at least 700 Greater Honor Leapstones to get from 1400 up to 1415 which might be another two weeks depending how your farm is going.

On average luck when upgraded, not in a week of f2p farm due to GHL limitation. IF you dont have stocked up mats.

If you invest/spend few 10s for thousand of gold buying stones and GHL sure. 1400-1415 is the deadzone V2 and its pretty annoying when RNG decides you to go pity.

Nontheless, you are close, try not to go desperate to clear Valtan week 1 as that way you will probably rage hone by that point and either spend all your gold or swipe for it. Valtan is a permanent content that you will run weekly until Brelshaza comes out (minimum 6 months from now if SG rushes us) IF you are even up there to clear it, otherwise Valtan will still be viable.

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Well, I hit 1400 3 weeks ago. Just made it past 1405 (completely f2p).

If you don’t pay, you will advance. But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay slower

It gets harder after 1400. The +17 strat helps gor sure. But its still definitely harder, you have lower percentages, and more mats you have to use. If you dont get 1415 by valtan, i know youll atleast be very close.

Im Currently 1410.

I’m progressing 2.5 lvls per week but you could have better luck than me

Farm greater leapstones but like a thousand of them

It also depends on how much materials you still have left.

I went from 1400 to 1434 with 1000 Leapstones and 40k guardian stones.