Just hit 1402 ilvl whoop

663 hours does anyone have any interesting tips to share to get to 1415 now resource are scarce…

I have 2 alts at 1340 2 at 1100.

Cheers :beers:

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My tip would be to not worry about your item level for now, sell anything and everything you can and hoard gold, prices will very likely crash once we get the new patch with the amount of new sources for mats, that’s when you can catch up

Good tip, as was thinking of getting my 1340 to 1370 for p1 argos.

Cant wait for destroyer thats what i wanted to main from the beginning… but we got shafted on that…

Upgrade your gloves and shoulders to +17 if you dps.

The rest of the pieces should be +12.

It saves alot of mats.

Im a bard :slight_smile:

Then i believe its chest and legs to +17. If you support

Iv jusrlt been keeping them even

Thats a waste of mats trust me, start evening it out AFTER you upgraded chest and helmet to +17

Because when a gear piece reaches +15 any hone after that increases ilvl by 15 instead of 5

Chest & helmet or chest & gloves ?

But yeh good tip but i want glowy weapon :laughing:

I forgot, it was either helmet or pants, just take the one with the highest defense.

No worrys man thanks for the tip, ill have a look later when im out of bed just finished 12h shift :sleeping:

If you’re very diehard about getting to 1415 the soonest, have your weapon at +11 and focus on your 2 armor pieces going to +17. Usually helmet and gloves. Saves you gold & other resources.

P.S If you do go this route ^, know that 1415-1445 will be a bigger grind, since instead of grinding 2-3 levels of your weapon, you’ll have to raise it 6 levels at least. I suspect thats awhile from now for you though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The main goal is getting 1415 so you can hit Valtan content.

If you aren’t in a rush or don’t care too much about day 1 content, just take it easy and hone 1 by 1.