Just imagine this

Feeling it’s okay to leave your game in this state without anyone even working on it or communicating with the playerbase every holiday weekend.

Literally, i have never seen any developers / publishers with as little of work ethic as i have seen AGS display the whole time Lost Ark has been in the West. Blows my mind.


They used to have more CMs, but after months of not being allowed to tell the players anything I think they looked for other opportunities.


I believe some of em were pulled out to manage the new worlds forum

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What if i told you guys there is 521 moderators in their group? You can find this by visiting a CM’s profile, then clicking the “moderator” link.

@Shadow_Fox for sure is over on the NW forums.

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I’d love to think her and Roxx had to play rock,papers, & scissors on who gets to get out of this community lol

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The NW community at launch was probably worse. We had CMs there who started with AGS and made 1 post just introducing themselves and got so many violent, threatening messages they were never seen again, they just noped right out of the roll.

NW forums were brutal. They are however, a hell of a lot better these days so yeah I am sure Shadow jumped at the opportunity to get away from here :rofl:

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How do you know they’re not working on it ?

It’s a good move for ShadowFox since it’s an easy communication between her team and the devs, unlike LA.

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How do you know they are working on it?

This whole Developer - Publisher - Moderator messenger game just doesnt work, and it ends up having everyone just not wanting to take ownership over anything.

Just really did not imagine it being this inefficient.

Definitely doesnt work well for LA. SG needs to at least have 1 active designated person or a small team in the forums too.

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And the Dev’s at AGS actually do care about their product. They want NW to succeed and have brought it back from the brink to actually have a growing population again.

AGS can’t do shit for LA outside of make sure the actual servers stay up. Anything in-game is a SG issue unfortunately. They cannot do shit against the bots, it’s a zero barrier to entry game all you need is a Steam account. Trying to block entry without screwing over actual players as things stand right now is basically impossible.

Banning them does nothing. There’s probably a million throw away accounts ready to replace every bot that gets banned and by the time they are banned, they already transferred what they were selling and are tossed already.

Without some very major changes this problem won’t go away. Without major changes to the Market that problem won’t go away and unless SG start to put some developmental effort into NA/EU we’re basically going to collapse in on ourselves until there is nothing left.

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I think you are right on the money Red. Lost Ark just simply isnt AGS’s main game. It’s more like a 9 to 5 job for them rather than a game they even enjoy managing.

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Its insane. I haven’t missed a day of logging in since launch and this issue really makes me want to take a break. Its ruining the game.

How long of a break we talking about ? 8 hours ? Or 10?

I mean considering we’re entering the weekend after a 2 day holiday and the market across all regions is unusable after a month of the servers being almost unplayable it’s fair to assume that yes, they are working on the issues, but the solutions are coming out to slowly.

It’s not a matter of patience, it’s a matter of more and more people are leaving the game over these types of problems every day. Not many “MMOs” will allow their servers to have endless disconnection issues for over a month without some pretty massive public apologies

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Lol a real break.

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You should teach them on how to manage things then. Like how you are managing your roster.

Edit : Roster(s)

The first thing i would do if i was hired into a high up position for AGS (will never happen) is find out what the hell is going on between AGS and Smilegate and solve it. Whatever issues those two companies have with each other is truly hindering this game.

Someone hire this guy right now. Gee you are definitely onto something here.