Just kinda curious why bots come back so fast after the recent update

Since chaos dungeon mats are Roster bounds, bots can no longer farm gold from selling mats. But y there are still around 700k online, and you can see bots army in dumb skins walking around in the city. So they find another way to farm gold or something?


Because high player number, increase paycheck of people who come up with this idea to host Lost Ark. Its just to fool the share holders. And to promote Amazon Games, as an amazing an popular company.

No one from people who invest in AGS, does not play the game. They just look at its performance.

Because there will basically always be a method of making gold for RMT and while cutting off that giant feeding trough does matter, the amount of gold una’s tokens can provide and market trading via tradable items enables means it’s still bot city.

Heck, realistically, AGS’s policy to botting is ‘3 day ban’ on the rare cases they get caught doing RMT. Since hitting bots is essentially trying to kill the ocean with a sword, the real target needs to be the buyers and AGS hasn’t even tried to falsely signal they’re taking a hardline stance. They simply shrug it off without a care, so the RMT botters keep chugging.

Heck, a lot of them likely realize that the free buffet is gonna end sometime and are trying to get while they can.


I did a research on this subject, and I found out they have very very good (24/7) customer support, devs for patches, etc within a few hrs when the targeted game implements any change. They have a full video chat/guide to help the customers to set up a bot system for the most effective operation.
You can’t imagine what they got for their money. That’s why I think that behind this all bot issue, there is a very very organized, professional industry. Not just some few cheeky monkey players.


because chaos dungeon infinite has never been the only or main way to make gold. They have many gold earning techniques.

This about sums it up. As long as there’s a way to make at least some gold it doesn’t matter. You’d have to remove fishing from the game to prevent them from making gold because that’s what a lot of bots are actually doing. Some gather other things, some progress to T3 and they do basically everything the players do that involve gold in some form. And they have very sophisticated ways of getting the bots to do these things

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I know, but others barely understand that there is no reason to reduce things for a zero to cause a gold issue to a real player because bots always find the way. These idiot demands to reduce this, reducing that is just pointless. They only help botters to sell more money. Because when the opportunities are reduced for a real player that’s the time when bots sell more gold. It’s kinda shot in their own legs.

botter find a way to earn money
they sell the program instead and i think thats a lot of bucks on it

In this case, we can remove everything and go play amoeba. Do you know that game?
You’re insanely imprudent. You want to cut out the forest to prevent fire. You and all the similar players give a chance to a bots to still keep in a game. Just please keep your idea and do not advertise silly things like this.

Increasing number of bots are being spotted in t3, meaning they are indeed finding new ways to farm gold. Removing gold from early quests/rapports is doing something but it’s barely a bandaid patch and not a fix. They can’t remove gold from higher level content too.

Do you know what the better way is? Increase gold rewards for players and they don’t need to buy gold.

Cause they are improving in a way that soon it will be better to queue abyss dungeon with bots.
Bans are not preventing anything.

Bans aren’t a preventative measure. Bans are reactive and only a way to level it out. The only long term solutions are:

  1. Adopt a similar verification system that KR has
  2. Come up with a worthwhile detection system. Even with a good detection system, there will always will be cat and mouse.

What we really need is what KR has. At least THEN bots are limited to actual live people.


Why would you think endless t3 chaos farm is their main income to begin with? They farm una gold, they farm mats, they farm adventurer’s tome collectibles… They also farm the shit out of chaos dungeons to reach obscene levels a regular player can’t imagine without swiping.

Bots are very welcome in this game, they are well fed, comfortable. By the looks of it, they are not going anywhere. Nobody is even trying to make them.

If they want to donit they would have to perma ban rmt thats the only thing they havent tryed, they dont want too but they have too, ppls will still remake another account come back and everyone will be afraid to rmt, theres a high demand on gold .

So thats why so many bots in game, if everyone afraid to rmt then the bots will slow down!

??? I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s clearly some kind of a language/IQ barrier here. We’re just stating facts

I don’t think they gonna perma ban gold buyers since it would harm the player base. I hope at least they gonna temporary ban rmt players like 1th 3 days ban, then 7 days, 15 days and so on.

You said this:
"You’d have to remove fishing from the game to prevent them from making gold because that’s what a lot of bots are actually doing. "

So where is the language barrier? That’s why I said :
"In this case, we can remove everything and go play amoeba. Do you know that game?
You’re insanely imprudent. You want to cut out the forest to prevent fire. "

Because you’re interpreting it as if I’m suggesting that they do this or that I want them to do this or I want this to happen in general, which are all just completely false. I just stated that bots will farm gold as long as there’s anything you can do in the game like fishing. So there has to be a language barrier or some weirdo 0 thought that I’m implying something other than what I said here

He didn’t say he wanted to. He was stating a fact.

You cannot stop the bots from making gold without also removing a lot of content from the game.

You cannot stop the bots from creating accounts if you don’t put some sort of tie to real life information.

You cannot stop the bots by banning them because they will very quickly figure out ways to bypass your bans.

In short, you cannot stop the bots.

It is not an easy problem. KR had it easy with their laws requiring real life ID to be tied to your account.