Just make Express Mission mats roster bound

Jesus man why make this such a frustrating experience


That won’t solve it as there’s a bonus to enhancing for the chosen character.

make the choice only for that bonus… let the mats be roster bound still lmao

they messed up real bad

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That doesn’t help the people who all picked their mains who the bonus doesn’t apply to, they should make it all roster bound either way, but they should let us change the character once.

No, lol you guys messed not amz or smg fault
Learn to read



I read the info the game gave me :slight_smile:


open the game then speak again

shhhh let him white knight it, its funny :wink:
another good job @Daik96, ppls obviously cant read and developers are doing a really good job, not their fault at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Giving patchnotes last minute is also players fault!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I checked chest preview as well and it showed T3 materials. That’s why I chose this event on my main. So they gave us wrong info in game!

So there are NO Harmony Leapstones?
Thats dumb… that is the honing material a tier 1 character needs to level their gear, NOT Honor Leapstones…

Im annoyed…
Doesnt seem to be the correct items.

that is the bonus chest its what you get for completing the express. because its supposed to take you quickly to T3. i just checked mine you get 45 harmony leapstones total.

the game doesn’t tell you that there’s more than that bro

there is a lot of info left out like the fact that you skip honing levels until +12 and you get honing buffs but they did say in the patch notes its for t1/2 chars.

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reading patch notes shouldn’t be a requirement to not make these kinds of mistakes, how can you defend them

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I’m not defending them they shouldve explained it in game and all the other information that people are finding. When i logged in i was confused myself and just didnt touch it until i went and read the patch notes.