Just make Normal and Hard mode for T1/T2 content

Just keep the current difficulty and call it hard mode, give easy mode for casuals and people who struggle. Make it slighty more loot on hard mode and we are good.

Best solution you can put in the game.

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Or just nerf the hp increase to match the original kr/ru versions, increase mat drops, increase honing mats cost a few times and remove any gambling aspect of honing.

And let the elitists that think casuals deserve less leave since they make up less than 5%.


And when you do all this thing you will get to end game for 1 week and what you will do, probably quit. It’s MMO, if you don’t like it leave.

Wrong mate, just because you have no life and waste 12 hours / day on a game doesn’t mean I will.
You have no proof that anyone will clear it other than your opinion.

What’s more the number of people throwing hundreds of hours in a month on a game is less thab those that don’t.

So you can leave, it’ll be less of an impact.

It’s this crappy elitist attitude that’s just unappealing.

People read the quest dialogues, do side quests, there’s plenty of completion stuff to do.
If you halved everything NOW and remove the rng, the game would only lose the swipers, elitists and whales.

No loss really.

and when the game lose the whales, how it will earn money? Games are business you know? If you want good new content it cost a lot of money and whales pay for that. And i don’t play 10 hours. I don’t see what is your problem if someoen else is in 1370 and you are not.