Just make the game B2P

Make the game 10$ for new players and ban the bots. That should fix the bot problem.


tbh they could just say: “The 23rd the game is becoming B2P for the new accounts, if you have interest in the game create an account now”.

Obviously millions of bots will create accounts but they will eventually get banned.

Also they can do “free pass events” sometimes to allow new players to enter freely.

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you mean like black desert, which has bots despite there not even being an ability to trade to a player?

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Not the worst idea. Game should still be F2P, but have some features that bots abuse where you have to pay for ( or added to crystalline aura ).

b2p won’t stop it. Theres plenty of evidence on other games that is b2p, and they have the same issue.

For example; you can clearly see there is 600k+ bots in the game now. Make the game 10$ and ban the bots. We are not gonna get 600k+ bots again because it means free money for AGS. if bot users can try to do it they can give 6.000.000$ to AGS. Ofcourse they are not gonna do that.
Seems like AGS can’t fight with bot army because they adapt! For my opinion is making the game B2P is only option.

I still 100% support this idea although I know from previous experience it won’t get rid of all the botters. It might make a dent depending on how ambitious the botters are to spend $10-15 per new account.

For me personally, $15 per month is worth seeing a little less bots and rmt.

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They don’t even want to lock the server and ignore the game experience of existing players
You guys think he will turn the game into a B2P lol

WoW needs a sub and purchase of the game yet it has lots of bots… the bots usually calm down later on but come in huge waves at the start of the expansion because of more demand.

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B2P will help though. I play RuneScape and Guild wars and rarely see bots in those games. Idk if that’s because ANet and Jagex are more competent and well equipped since they’ve been around for 20 years. But B2P would slow it down for sure.

Okay, but my question is do the amount of bots exceed the amount of players like LA?
and if we had a sub would bots still be greater than players?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I am just speculating and curious.

Lost Ark is very profitable as progression is directly tied with Gold so you’d never be able to compare the two. We’d have to work in “what if” scenarios and speculations which has no value.

It would definitely help.

Isn’t every MMOs progression tied to gold though. I can’t think of a single one that isn’t.

it surely does slow down, but it won’t stop it

FF14 is a no. WoW outside of BoE’s it’s a no unless you buy Carries.

Haven’t played WOW in forever or ff14 but in Guild Wars and RuneScape you need a a tonnnn of coin to get the BIS gear. And those are still two of the biggest MMOs out there. And have minimal issues with bots effecting quality of life in the game.

Yeah even slowing down is something. Every MMO ever made has bots to some extent.

Didn’t play guild wars 2 and honestly did see a lot of gold sellers advertising when I played guild wars when I was a kid. As for RuneScape, knowing how my friend keeps buying gold in that game I’d assume it has a decent amount of bots farming. Hard to tell for RuneScape regarding player to bot ratio since never played that game.

Yeah I guess the point I’m trying to make is while they are there. You don’t see them that often and they don’t effect my experience in the game. I didn’t even mind the bots in this game at the beginning unless they were the ones that would spam whisper you. The issue with lost ark is the fact that it’s gotten so bad now that it’s making the game unplayable for people in NAW. So anything they can due to slow it down is welcomed by me.