Just quit Lost Ark

Both sides you speak of have a problem. You also belong to the same category in the first quote if you’re gonna go so far as to claim what you claimed in the second one.

Cheers mate, hope you’re gonna have fun in ff14.

If you think there are no paid forum users in ANY game nowadays, I think you need to get up with the times. Company employees under cover usernames, bot programs or part-timers, they all exist nowadays. Maybe their official job description states PR or customer relations or whatever but they do try to swing the userbase in the direction they are told to.

Are you trying to turn me into some tinfoil-hat nutcase, I can assure you you cannot be further from the truth. But to deny reality is a treatable condition, usually with pills.

“If you think”
“paid forum users”
“cover usernames”
“swing the userbase”
“I can assure you”
“cannot be further from the truth”
“deny reality”

You talk like a tinfoil-hat nutcase to me. No offense, a lot of people usually do. It’s actually common to be convinced when you don’t have any sort of evidence for something. It’s hard to see other realities when you’re stuck in your own.

The part I have a problem is when people start saying that only the other side is doing it.

There’s nothing wrong with having opinions, but being convinced of them without putting any effort to see if they are true or not is too far off the deep end for me.

Btw yes they are trying to swing the playerbase. For example there was a banwave last month (also included me) just to quell the anger around two months per class debacle. I’m not disputing you entire argument.

Ah yes, flinging the issue back at me, of course. Standard issue tactics, right. And of course I am a nutcase, how can I possibly not be one if I disagree with you ? Done with the insults already ?

I did all I could to stay and make LA better. Can’t say the same for all the naysayers and people alienating the playerbase for their 5 seconds of “glory”.

You just proved my point that nothing has changed with LA, including the forum. Denying anything and everything that conflicts your POV, we’ll see where that gets you. Actually YOU will see, if you are still playing the game, because I doubt I will be returning with the way things are going and have been going since launch. Congrats, you can have your fairy kingdom all to yourself. Enjoy.

How many games have to fail for you people to realise every game needs its players to survive ? That addressing the issues (prefferably ASAP) is the best approach to ensure stability and long-term profits ? Cashgrabs only work for a limited time before the tower of cards starts crumbling down. People are not that stupid, despite what AGS may think. Especially when it is EU and NA we are talking about. And in the end you are making MUCH LESS than if you actually tried and stuck with your product ?

That is not what I am talking about. And it was LOOOOOOONG overdue. Too little, too late, in fact. They lost 1 MILLION players in what, 4 months ? That’s like what, 77% of your userbase, if you believe all of those are real players. That’s amazing in the worst possible way, even for a MMO. Worthy of a medal or Golden Raspberry award. Then you realize those 300k that remain only contain about 100k - 150k real players, if that, so they actually lost more than 90% of their players in record time. So those banwaves will not save them, not this late.

Mentioned it soulds like that to me. Mentioned it too far off the deep end for me. Both times I used for me, yet they still triggered you a bit.

This is the forum problem. It’s like everyone has a stick it keeps poking the other side with. Any discussion quickly devolves into personal territory.

The banwave I was talking about was one the forum and it was meant as an answer to this. Read it again

All I’m saying this isn’t a one side problem and treating it like such is bad. Whiteknights are screaming complainers are at fault, complainers are screaming whiteknights are at fault. Anyone with a reasonable standpoint will be able to tell they are both doing the same thing. Poking the other side with the stick.

Not to mention these two easily swap sides. Like now for example with the yoz jar :sweat_smile:

Thank for your service. I am not being sarcastic. Have fun in ff14, wish you all the best. It has been quite a while in LA when a patch came with so many good news for me personally so I think it’s right to be optimistic for a while.

Says the guy that literally started with claiming my head is in my a**. Then proceeds to claim I am to blame. Stop pouring fuel in the fire, maybe it will stop ?

Whiteknights are a clinical condition or simply not educated enough to see what they are doing. Or a million other excuses. No one in their right mind will lick the boots of another that is repeatedly kicking you in the nuts. Even animals know better.
And those “complainers” are the players that should be looked into. If they have a valid point, make it happen, if not - next. Despite what most here think, most people complaining are doing it to make the game better or to address an issue that it has. Yet they are treated like entitled spoiled children and ignored or laughed at. Then when they leave, someone makes sure to slam the door with force behind their back. Then playerbase evaporates surprised pikachu
Worst of all, there is almost NO COMMUNICATION at what is looked into or denied by AGS and it feels like you are talking to a wall, then you get laughed at for that and the clownshow continues. It’s a spiral of destruction, not really funny if you think about it.

People have different oppinions, that “poking with a stick” is people arguing or just normal communication to lead to a goal. We humans are social creatures, we argue, we talk, it’s in our nature. This cannot be ignored or shunned away. It is not a reason to ignore valid points, either. Player X can be the biggest scumbag ever, but he can have a valid point. You have to look past the initial presentation. Especially if you want to make money like AGS is trying to do.

You have nothing to thank me for, it was all ignored and landed on deaf ears. There were many like me, but we all got muted by the other side by putting their proverbial fingers in their ears and “lalala”-ing till we disappeared. Here we are, trying to stay in the game, with our wallets open and were driven away. Good job. And it is only gonna get worse, because the ones that stay either like the game as it is, no matter how hard that is to imagine, (good for you, I guess) or deny reality and lie to themselves that it will get better. It won’t. Anyone that has been around the gaming industry for some time can tell you that much. it’s not impossible to “unsink” the sinking ship, but it requires dedication and will to improve, which AGS and SG lack. And timing, which they missed already.

This is a pretty good post.

As for the XIV side of things, the combat does get much, much better the closer you get to max level (90) but it is nowhere near as fluid as the combat of Lost Ark, but that’s more of a design choice than a flaw. It’s the old tab targetting system that relies on strategic choices rather than spammy action oriented combat. I enjoy both in their own right.

Unfortunately for the graphics, it’s a game from 2013 and one of the problems with the original version of the game (which flopped spectacularly) was that the polygon count on inane objects, and texture resolutions were too big, which caused the whole game to explode on PCs at the time so they are almost allergic to making this game look good.

Fortunately there will be a graphics update soon, but you do get over it. The later areas are much prettier than the first few expansions, and of course, if you don’t have Gshade at this point I heavily implore you to get it, it does WONDERS for the visuals.

Well, they ruined it too much lol. Even ESO looked better and it has been around for the same time as FF. It looks like Gothic or badly modded Skyrim. I’ve made better results with Skyrim tbh. Good thing they are looking into it, at least they are acknowledging it and working on it. I can wait, it is not critical to fix it ASAP, as I said the story trumps any superficial flaws for now and you don’t notice them as much. But I imagine when you are done with the story and log in for daily stuff, it may lead to sore eyes for those players after a while xD

Had to look up GShade and it’s basically a Reshade for FF ? It does look better but the impact is not that noticable, at least in my eyes. I’ll wait for the rework, it’s not that big of a deal, when you consider the whole package. I was just shocked how it was basically pre Lich King - WoW levels, in 2022… You can’t expect realtime life-like graphics from MMOs but they really dropped the ball on this one.

Thanks for suggesting the game btw. I’ve played other Final Fantasy games before, just not this one and XV. I wish I tried it earlier, but there is no rush. Game is still here and I hear it will be here for a decade more according to plans. Got plenty of time to explore lol.

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It’s hard to tell at which rate its sinking.
I bet you that even if 85% of the player base is gone the game will still be around.

what did blizzard listen to ? such a clown post honk honk

I mean you already looked back, you are here after 2 weeks o3o

I’m playing MGS atm …it was on discount ^^


They started panicking and giving players everything they have been asking for for the past 2 years, if you haven’t been paying attention. I’m not saying they fixed the game, it’s still garbage, but the point was that the only thing that got their attention was losing money. Sorry you are incapable of grasping such a simple concept.

are we seeing you back on thursday friend? uwu

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No unfortunately Vykas isn’t enough to bring me back, especially since I am now painfully behind. If anything tempts me, it’s the mokoko outfit. But I don’t know about reinstalling 80 gigs to claim an outfit, then uninstall just on the off chance I ever come back to this game. Not sure if that’s worth my time.

It’s nice to see you though! :smile:


You guys, I really don’t get it.

Since the beginning of the game, Smilegate listened to our feedbacks. They changed Guardians/Abyss because it was too hard for you. They apologized for Argos, immediately pushed Events to bring us into the ilvl for that.
They made some mistakes - like the punica growth pack - but they also make some very good decisions, like the SH honing buffs , Gambling Legendary Skins etc.
They try EVERYTHING they can to fix the bot situation and it kind of works, even tho it’s a very hard fight.

Yet you guys sit here, demanding and demanding. Acting like the most entitled kid, thinking that everyone should listen to you, that your opinion is the only true one.
It’s exhausting. Stop it already. Do this game a favor and just quit. No one wants you back, no one cares about you in this game. You are just a number, and you should realize, that your existence means nothing to anyone in this game. If you play, you play, if you don’t, you don’t. No one cares.

You just sound extremely salty. Did you do no research at all into what the game was like before you started playing it? This is 100% a “you” problem.

I care about him, i wish he would come back, it is how he feels, we can’t change that unless he feels otherwise, we can be nice and kind to him, and hopefully he’ll have a change of heart and come back. Saying these mean things is not nice and will not win him back.

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You probably don’t even know him.
Anyways, it isn’t even rude, it is the truth. The majority (99,9% of the playerbase) don’t even know anyone here, especially not him. Why should they care about the opinion about a random? If he decides to play, he plays, if not, then not. No one cares. I don’t care if someone quits, you actually don’t care if someone quits, and the whole world doesn’t care.

Yet too many people in this forum thinks, their existence is so special, that everyone wants them back. That’s why these topics exists. To fill the narcisstic mindset of “the world turns around me”. It’s just annoying.

Don’t feed their ego, people like them are just insanely toxic. It doesn’t matter how good this game would be, they would always find something to complain. They never are happy and this is insanely boring.