Just release artist with or without censors

Everyone is arguing about censorship and underskirts. But I just want to have more support options in the game. Waiting 30min for supports in a 1475 Vykas hard lobby just isn’t sustainable for the game. (we run without supports at the end). The game is built around experiencing different classes and you can’t expect people to have 3 or 6 of the same class. Therefore, giving more support options will increase the amount of support for lower-level raids such as Vykas and Valtan.


You are not seeing those supports on vykas because most alt supports are doing brel.

it could be that 1490 supports are doing brel. But how about the amount of 1460-1480 supports lol

Artist wont solve the issue


Artist will only help that issue in Vykas about 1 month till full Relic set. Then it’s for most over and they do Brel instead of Vykas.

Same counts for me I got 2 Supports at 1500 and I do Valtan, Clown & Brel and Same I would do with Artist.

It will. Under 1490 there will be tons of Artist. Because I’m sure that we will get a 1445-1460 express event. Then half of them probably will hone her to 1490 and the problem will be there again.
Most of the support who are 1490+ dropped Vykas and doing Valtan+Kakul+Brel. Vykas is still a coin flip jail raid.

the endless debate even i get sick of it.

release artist

wont fix it

doesnt have to fix it

but its not fixing it, so why bother

i dont even get its an argument at this point a new class in a game where only 2 supports exist will always do something. Fix it? not doesnt work like that, Help it? sure as hell will.

Now that we have that one done, gimme Ciri Skin on artist :smadge:.


You will be disappointed. Every MMO has support issues. Even FF14 with multiple healing classes has a support issue in their 4 man dungeons and 8 man raids.

Yet somehow, lost ark will somehow overcome the support issue across all MMOs with the release of a loli

Unless it’s a new player/character supports are generally 1490+ now since it’s a lot cheaper to reach 1490 right now.

Yes. As I said, temporary there wont be support issue because the game will be full of loli for a while. After that there will be again support shortage.

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How long it will take you to understand that it will solve nothing? Most of people who will play artist are people who like to play supports, a main dps player who likes to see big dmg numbers will never play artist.

And just because you are a special snowflake who will main her and have no other support doesnt make you representative of what is happening in the future.

Koreans said it, artist fixed nothing for them and they have a much more stable server population, stop being delusional

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I’ve been doing Vykas HM on all of my characters, still trying to get Deathless HM… Even lobbies full of 1500+ can’t do it.

How long it will take you to understand that TEMPORARY there wont be support shortage because the main supports (and not just main supports, I’m main dps and even I will make an AYAYA) will have a support that has lower ilvl than 1490? I can guarantee that EVERY support main will make a loli and most of them wont superhone her straight to 1500.

In long term it wont solve anything, clearly, but dont think that only main support will make Artist. The only thing I have only 1 support at 1475 because bard and paladin are boring and these are the only 2 option to support. Artist at least fun to play even the purpose of the character will be the same as the other 2 support.


You are a prime example of my post, not going to argue with you.

Yeah we shouldnt, you are the type of guy that think everybody have the same thinking about something thus trying to force his opinion on others even if somebody make a valid point.

If you already brought it up, if you watch korean streamers like Saintone, even he said, that temporary Artist will solve the shortage, but after that it will be the same again, just as I said it too.

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I understand that people will want to or try to hone to 1490+, the adding of another support class will help any raid. Brel 1-2 gates are lacking support too, not just Vykas. I can change the Vykas in this post to any legion raid, the statement will still stand.

Yes, like you said, in a long term, it might not fix anything. But first, who knows how long will this game last? Secondly, similar to what other people are mentioning in this post, it will be a temporary help with this issue. There isn’t a fix to this problem yet. So what we should aim for is to help this issue rather than getting stuck on a “no fix” comment. As for the comment about the special snowflake. I’m sure there are people who love 6 DPS rosters. However, there isn’t denying that there are people who play a roster of support and DPS. Especially in a situation where 1460 DPS char will take a long time to get in the group while a 1460 with 3x3 gets accepted into any raid instantly…

You are exactly right, sure the Koreans proved that it fixes nothing. But driving people away from the game will also kill the game before we ever find a solution.

It is not about the new support being a loli or an adult. We shouldn’t aim to solve the problem at this point. The new release of a “new support class” will inevitably increase the number of supports that exist in lower-level legion raids. Finally, maybe the 1460 Valtan HM group can have 1445 support, and the 1500+ group can have 1490 support.

You completely missunderstood my statement or choose to on purpose.
NOTHING can fix support shortage but that doesn’t mean one shouldnt do anything against it.

And you can’t compare artist in kr vs us. Artist on release was heavily underpowered, it took them roughly 6 months to fix her heal issue.
Noone wanted her, she was dog. Her powerpass? 1445. Endgame content at the time? Brehlshaza hardmode for a few months.

Why would anyone replace their roster with such a low express for a underpowered support.

Meanwhile we most likely get 1460 (not optimal since we are at brehl hm as well but release and not homework for months) and she isnt underpowered but very strong.