Just Remove Flares

I think flares should be removed from the game entirely and the bosses should just show up on the map by default.

This is a weird pointless time wasting mechanic that seems to only exist as another thing to get people to waste mats on. Mats that are highly limited by time and currency as it is. There are plenty of monetization aspects to the game without this so it would be a nice QoL change.



EDIT: First we need to be able to play the guardian raids :smiley: but i like this point.

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I agree!

I wouldn’t remove the flares however.
The flares could have a fair use for bosses that disappear for a short amount of time and then attack from underground. In order to dodge those attacks in a reliable way, you could use flares to still see the boss on the minimap. This doesn’t need to be implemented because it’s already in the game.

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no, this is a best mec in lost ark.
if you don’t like that, go to play in another game


yes… it should stay like it is … this is not some new game u can just change just because u dont like it … its a valid mechanic and use of a consumable

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Best mechanic? Ok lol


you are so lazy

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They’ve specifically already talked about changing some of the aspects of the game for this market.

Wasting people’s time just to find the boss doesn’t really add any value to the game at all.

I would agree with the point made above that they could stay as an actual combat item that’s useful on fights where the boss hides or whatever, but in terms of when you enter the raid or the boss moves, you shouldn’t have to waste a “combat item” in order to just find where the boss is waiting for you.

Your post is lazy and lacks substance, try harder.


Just remove the bosses, I want to log in and get loot.


Are you under the impression that you’re making a useful point or valid comparison of some kind?

I mean, you really think the boss showing up on the map is the equivalent of it not being there at all?

Both are hardship to overcome. I dont like those, I just want the loot.

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they already gave u the free pet stat choice …

Walking around in a circle is not a “hardship to overcome.” It is not a valuable game mechanic. It is a pointless time waster to try to get people to waste/buy mats.

I’m not sure what that has to do with bosses showing up on the map or flares.

Everything is a timegate to loot, yes. Lets remove those things.

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Your sarcasm doesn’t help your complete lack of a point or useful argument.

Describe in words what value you think flaring when you first enter a raid or when the boss moves adds to the game.

Describe in detail how the removal of this mechanic would detract from the game.

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I already told you, its an hardship to overcome.

The “hardship” keeping you from your loot is beating the boss in time.

Just finding it on the map is a pointless minor inconvenience that exists to waste materials. Materials you could have spent on an actual “combat item” that you use in actual combat.

The fact that this “hardship” can be removed by popping a consumable suggests you think it’s fine to remove hardships with consumables. I guess I should just be able to pop a consumable to one shot the boss as well based on your contradictory logic where you before somehow thought my point was equivalent to automatically getting loot. Weird.

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Not that minor, I dare to say. At least not for you.

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Talking about pointless mechanic, how about the chaos shards which you use for your ultimate ? they are cheap and utterly pointless.


Some people troll the feedback forums and blindly defend the status quo for god knows what reason. Someday they may actually contribute a useful counter argument of some kind at the very least, instead of just posting snark.