Just reported 20 botters

At this rate, i feel like i’m going to get banned instead of them for false reporting. I’m 99.9% sure all of these are bots, same paths, 10x movement speed etc.

this is on 1 channel in lakebar, on 1 server, imagine how many hundreds of bots there must be across all zones/channels/servers.

Dropping the ball here AGS

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als already talked about in 100 threads… its already a major prio for AGS to deal with it.
Several dev posts and mod posts already statet the fact that there is a huge problem with them

oh don’t worry they’re 100% botters. i see them there all the time. teleport / move faster than mounts… i always report them on a daily basis. but it feels like a job in this case lol we just report and “hope they get banned”