Just some thoughts

The only way to guarantee that this kind of thing doesn’t happen is literally withholding content that is ready for release till an arbitrary scheduled date. Imagine the outrage you all would have if that was the case. There is already enough talk of ‘but they’ve had it for years’. This is literally a rework of the entire game. They are not just sitting on these completed updates to release on a schedule. Smilegate is working these localized updates out as fast as they can in talks with AGS for release. They decided what content to give based on player feedback and progression from release. They then started to work on that patch. AGS is waiting for the patches from Smilegate just like the rest of us.

With that being said the whole ‘Where are the patch notes?!?’ thing is getting extremely old. Other regions just straight up don’t get patch notes till after. They get a maintenance window and then they turn logins back on and say ‘here’s your update, have fun’.

Stop yelling at community managers and calling them liars. They’re trying to middleman the best they can. You are not owed anything. This is a free to play game and the plug can be pulled at any second.

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