Just tell us if Vykas isn't releasing tomorrow

All these copium fueled posts are flooding the forums, i highly doubt we will be getting the release tomorrow unless the dev team is trying to push everything to the last second like Argos again (At least we know Vykas is coming soon at least though)


Just a confirmation that it ISN’T coming tomorrow would put stuff to rest for now honestly.

Edit: Thanks! June 30th it is.


It’s not coming tomorrow, we would have been told last night if we were getting it this week, it most likely wont be releasing next week either.

It’s not coming tomorrow.

mid june = end of june, its that simple. KEKW

You the type of person who needs a chick to outright say “I’m not into you”? Silence isn’t enough for you to get the hint? :rofl:

Vykas is likely coming mid July with arcana altogether

Yes totally.

If you didn’t read it’s more for all the other people posting copium thinking it’s still gonna be out tomorrow.

Yeah the general concensus seems to be that Vykas will arrive mid July now.

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It won’t be coming tomorrow.

Who cares how they feel? Fuck em. Let them keep their hopes up just so they can be crushed yet again. This happens every content patch and they haven’t learned yet? Sounds like it’s their problem.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get vykas til july and game is dead before scouter releases as they are “blocked” whatever that means

Where did you find that piece of wisdom? Patchnotes usually come 8h before with AGS…

I don’t think it’ll come tomorrow, but I don’t think we would have been told if it did.
So far we had to pull every little piece of information out of AGS nose by creating noise…

Mid June(s). Between June 2022 and June 2023. Clearly y’all misunderstood!

We never intended to release the update this week

The fact that, unlike last week, we aren’t getting a direct confirmation that it’s not coming means that they themselves aren’t sure yet.

It means that they want to release tomorrow, that they are working on it, but that cannot guarantee it. So they don’t say anything, probably until the last possible moment when they are 100% sure they will/will not be able to release it tomorrow no matter what.


I agree with you.
Now imagine if they came out and said something amongs the lines of:
‘Hey guys, we are working really hard to make this patch happen this week, but because of technical difficulties or whatever, it might not be possible. Will be posting an update as soon as we are 100% sure that we can or cannot do it.’
I would love to see this kind of response and im sure that i would make people a bit more forgiving about the delay and the whole situation.


Whole situation: Amazon is blocked smilegate isn’t communicating. AGS - maybe Smilegate will give us the patch on time cause we have no idea wtf is going on.

Okay let me tell the player base we’re unsure whether the patch will make it on time or not. There is a likelihood SG will send the patch in the next 4hs and AGS will be ready to QA it, then release it by tomorrow