Just to end once and for all this consumable clownfiesta

PS: please read before typing.
What people don’t understand in Matchmaking, is that it applies to both parties, those who use items and those who don’t.
If you click on the accept button, you basically signed up for a completely random experience, you should drop all expectations and majority wins.
If you are matched with people that don’t use items and you use items, you should not be upset. However, if you are matched with people that use items and you don’t use items, if they decide to kick you, you also should not be upset because this is matchmaking anything can happen. So basically if you are doing MM, be aware that it is a community driven mindset, in this case, lots of players in MM don’t use items, so if you don’t like that sometimes you’re the only one using items, you can always go into party finder and recruit likeminded players.
i hope this will clear the air and people start to understand that MM is a FFA and that anything can happen whether you use items or not, in the end majority wins and players dictate what the norm is.


basically MM is gamble experience and PF are for chads


yeah. imho mm is no rule land.
and cmiiw, but the flare-phero-phero-something player should just make a PF with that rules enforced in the pf description.

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nah ts is right both sides can act like they do in mm, mm is not personal zone for el cheapos or for consumble enjoyer so u are not right, it’s free zone and if u kicked or if somebody dont use consumbles nothing u can do here just accept that

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If we take into consideration the fact that Kungelanium and Valtan HM are endgame content, it blows my mind to see people not using their pheromones and destruction bombs. If you’re not gonna use them on endgame content, then on what are you using them?
Is there a 500 pheromones awakening bonus that people are saving up for?

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yeah exactly, both sides are free, if you use and others don’t don’t be mad, and if you don’t use and others do and they decide to kick you, you shouldn’t be mad as well.

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Yeah it’s kinda weird, but Valtan is usually done through Party Finder, i never had problems with it tbh people are always throwing their bombs. Maybe if you’re joining parties make it clear to use destro that usually helps to remind players to run back into the battlestation to open some boxes lol

Valtan reward minus consumable expense is still a valid chunk.

Kunge reward minus consumable expense = deska reward.

Which means if you chug coro and destro you’d be better off doing deska free.

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Yeah true you save some gold, as long as you do Kunge in MM or make party in PF that share the same mindset you’re fine

if you dont phero it means you are ok looking for the boss solo so you can do that while i wait :+1:

2x Kunga is 14-16 GHL
2x Deska is 10-12 GHL

On the high end 6 GHL is 320g low end is 80g.

Flare is 12g if you craft using bought materials
Phero is 28g if you craft using bought materials
Corrosive is 28g if you craft using bought materials (but really this is the box I tend to have the most of so I never stress about coro)

No matter what you still make more gold doing kunga with a item vs doing deska without.


yep you can do that it’s MM

Imagine marking your own post from another thread as the solution.

Clownfiesta, indeed.

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oh wtf i ticked my reply as the solution instead LMAO thanks for letting me know :ok_hand:

I will warn and kick you if you dont use consumables on kunga.

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Whoever warns because of consumables in my group gets warned and notified he will be kicked right before collecting reward. So they have a choice to song of escape out or stay and work for free. Enjoy.

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yes that’s the point as said above, majority wins because it’s MM, so in brief, item enjoyer or not, you can do whatever you want to anyone as long as you don’t complain when they can do the same to you if majority is on their side in that party.

Objectively, yes what you’re saying is true and I agree 100%.

Question at hand is if the environment where people simply shrug off that type of behavior as “that’s just how MM is” and making it an acceptable behavior healthy for the community. By no means am I implying that you have said anything to even suggest that that is the case, but whenever this type of neutral objective statement is thrown out, some people see it as a justification to what they’re doing, as is observed over and over in MM.

Fact of the matter is that Kungel is the “endgame” content, and by this point, players know what is expected from them. This is not some kind of random T1/T2 content where new players do not even know what battle items are used for which purpose.

Only intention you find in running MM while not using battle item is

“I have no respect for your time and intend to freeload so deal with it”

It’s toxic, self-centered, and unconstructive, period, without an excuse. Sure, it is MM and you queue with randoms, meaning you meet all sorts of people. However, there is a difference between such situation being unavoidable and such players being considered acceptable by the community.

If one has no interest in saving time, they can simply run it solo and waste as much time as they want.

They can even put together a private group of bum players and waste each other time.

Just because matchmaking is random, does not make it okay to be a toxic bum. That’s a fact.

In other words, there’s a clear distinction between

“It’s matchmaking so you could run into people like that”
“It’s matchmaking so it’s okay to be a bum”

Same logic goes to how toxic Yoho is with players with high roster level with non-existent engraving, not even using pots and expecting to be bussed and wasting everyone’s time “because it’s an alt”.

Yes, it can happen. There are no laws against it.
That does not make it okay to be a self-centered toxic bum.


Yeah i know it’s kinda sad that our MM community turned out to be like this as i said here:

I wish everyone used their battle items, however, i wouldn’t call those who don’t “Toxic” i think they are just bad casual players, Toxic people are those who harass other players in MM thinking it’s their own PF group instead of just kicking them or ignoring them because it goes both ways (someone got harassed by saying in MM why you guys are not using 2nd phero and he got flamed by the 2 other people).
Anyway the point is that MM community is the way it and i don’t think it will change in the near future, so i just wanted to make people understand that it goes both ways they should accept the consequences, and whatever side they are on, depends on the situation they can kick or leave, the majority wins. But they shouldn’t harass players because they didn’t meet their standards in a randomized party that they agreed to be on. you find that the MM is still bad, then just avoid it keep doing groups in PF and save yourself the trouble, don’t keep going in MM thinking it’s going to be good parties all the time then flaming people when it’s not. You can call out people yes to maybe make them realize that they should start using their battle items but don’t go as far as being toxic to them. I think it’s just bad sportsmanship.
Anyway, hopefully things change for the better.

Fair enough. Reason why I said “toxic” is that instances where I come across non-item users, they start raging when they get warned or votekicked.

Typical response from them have been
“If you want items used you should PF”

Funny thing is, especially with the recent patch showing battle item useage, FPPC (in whatever order) or calling out what item they’re using has become the norm, and is generally expected in most of MM queues. Yet the same old argument I see over and over is that “it’s MM so I can do whatever I want and if you votekick then you guys are toxic tryhards”

Also, can’t deny the fact that the only reason why anyone would be motivated to not use battle items is that they don’t want to use their items even if it ends up wasting others’ time or someone else should do it for me. It’s selfish and inconsiderate without a shadow of a doubt.

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