Just to get it out of my system

i don’t play all day nor am i grinding the hell out of this game anymore BUT when i’m STACKED with over 250 leapstones and enough crystals and honing buff items and trying to upgrade after almost 2 weeks… and the only item lvl i gained from this is 1 ? i was 1417 and now i’m 1418 for 250+ leapstones, over 20k crystals, 150+ honing buff mats and -7000 gold… for 1 upgrade. how is this fair? or even f2p? i get that ppl are 1450+ by now as a f2p. but what if you get bad rng all the time? and you can’t even progress even if you grind the hell out of this game? it’s so bad i don’t get it.

Yea my friend also had really really bad luck and it is just demotivating. If you get perma pity, it is just sucking out your soul slowly. I was trying really hard to not make him quit this game and even gave him some mats and gold.

Gotta get your tank of hopium out that your luck with normalize later. I used fused leapstones and 1 tapped my weapon to 15 then proceeded to pity +16 and +17

I’ll preface this with: I’m not saying this because I dislike the game and I don’t dislike people who spend money.

But the game is designed to make people want to spend money. Basically designed to frustrate you and make the frustration go away with a little swipe.

So your options are:

  • Play ALOT - 1 character and min/max the :poop: out of it in terms of getting mats
  • Play ALOT - Many characters
  • Play whatever amount - swipe

Haha, yeah but if it makes you feel any better you always have the chance that you might 1 tap a later hone.

i’m not f2p, i got the 10$ founders pack and and ark pass.

anyway i would consider my luck pretty below average, for all but one of my pieces of gear i hit pitty both +16 and +17 and i am now 1450 currently.
getting unluckier than your friends and stuff may be rough, i get that totally. but a better lookout on it is just assume you’re going to proc artisan energy every time and each time something goes before then it’s just a nice bonus.

It do be cray cray.
Many people are saying this ~
Got the greater leaps login rewards today and hit up the giant queue at the honing npc.
When i got there the npc was all like grace?protection?blessing? and i was all protection blessing grace. Then two tap’d my +20 wep instead of getting like 10 ups on my armors.
Then the npc was saying i was the best to’ve ever done it?
Didn’t get much of a pog out of it tough :confused:

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here, have a poggies from me

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Great game isnt it?

I disagree with this, maybe because ive played mobile games but this game actively discourages me to spend money on it because of how expensive it would be to make any meaningful progress in this game. Based on the current prices in NAE and average scenario it would cost about $40 to get 1 armor piece to from +15 to +16. When going from +17 to +18 it goes up to about $75. Numbers like these make me think nah ill just wait. I think the amount of bots and rmt going on supports my thoughts on the prices of things.

You could be right still. Maybe they think i need 1 more to get to whatever threshold and feel pressure to actually swipe but dont want to use the ingame exchange because of cost and just rmt.

have you tried getting gud?

How is that relevant to :poop: honing mechanics?

Hmm, I wouldnt say your personal preference in price makes it any less true that the game is designed to make players want to pay.

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people compare this to BDO and call it the lesser evil. but in BDO u can buy maxed out gear in the AH and freely move the armors between characters. so a new character only has to buy their own weapon and have a maxed out new main in a day.

What i mean is the frustration can encourage people to want to spend money but the amount that you would have to spend discourages you from spending for the average person.

Its like you watch a doug demuro video on the porche taycan and you are in the market for a sports car you love all the quirks and features. Then he says that the sticker price is $250k and you were looking to spend about 180k even though you could still afford it the higher price would make you reconsider how much you wanted the car.


Just that the price is irrelevant to my original point.

Although against the rules, the fact that people rmt just supports my point that the game makes players want to remove the frustrations / barriers in the game by paying real money.

but that’s just business in general they want to encourage you to spend money on their product. You dont buy the game nor pay a sub so even if it was a normal gear drop system like in wow or ffxiv you would still be able to buy the gear outright from the shop for the people who didnt want to wait for a drop. Companies know people want instant gratification so they offer that at a price.

Okay. I don’t know why you’re explaining that to me.

How did you only get 250 leaps in 2 weeks…that’s the real question.