Just want to talk with someone that have same feeling with me

I still don’t know why my account got banned from you guys.
5 days have passed and no one on your team would contact me for the Commerce Lock Banned bug.
When you read my ticket you can’t imagine my feeling right now.
It’s terrible and painful. No one would fix this. Just banned my account for no reason.
This is my 5-year steam account. You guys just ruined it.
People like me love this game and we try to be better in this game.
I spend my daily week trying to better in this game… You guys just banned me for no reason I don’t know why…
Roxx said the team would fix Commerce Lock Banned bug but no one is unbanned from you guys right now. People on the forums are mad about it. You guys just locked them. Deleting all the forums about banned and ignored is the thing that you guys try to do to the gamer.
I’m really mad about this.

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answer is。lets us wait just wait ….wait for what ? afk?

5 days gone no answer

I was 1350gs before the banned… My friend are doing the chaos and gurdian everyday…The only thing that I can do right now is watching…

They would just ignore us

And delete all the forums about the banned

samething ro me only on discord and watch my friend play it

u azena?

I am in una


wait the answer if we both alive… we can play together

Thank you for make me feel warm

You both bought gold or sold gold. Thats the commerce ban.

we are gamer just be happy we can do nothing ~ sigh only wait my friend~

pls leave here

I didn’t buy gold… I do streaming… People just send me money bro…

i have 4 friend buy gold like 130000G … today account remove the ban now they good

What im seeing from the forums and chat, you got banned either for returning bought pack after taking something from it . Or you bought a skin from market that was in someones say platinum or other chest that they then returned to steam. Because they got the money back and ags is out of money they ban people who have theese items since they think they are in cahoot. But i wouldnt hold my breath for an answer. Theres another post and that guy has been texting,calling live chatting almost every day and still isnt geting any info

for now we have screenshot no refund but they dont have time too see it too many ticket

I know it is a bug about returning bought pack… I didn’t return any DLC that I bought.