Just wasn't meant to be?

na, most of the people that are “voicing their concern” aren’t new, there old people that have been here a long time.

if anything OP is making an overarching general statement without any fact or source to backup said statement, all i did was ask for his source, which he has not provided as there isn’t one.


So, what you’re saying is that you responded to the OP without reading it?

That’s fine I guess, I’ll drop the conversation here. Just another day on AGS forums…

I suppose it’s down to how you take this statement

new players coming into game, there are new players, there plain to see and not just bots
it then refers to new players that are coming to the forums which seem to be few and far between but not everyone uses forum so who nbd. People complaining about stuff are people that have been on forums for months

and what is that other company would be

What keeps you going then? You’re describing yourself more than anyone else here. Hell you went into full denial mode and kneejerk ignored me when I was actually just trying to have a discussion. You’ve proven over and over again that you only care to hear opinions that agree with you.

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people still falling for his bait?

It’s not bait if you pick it up and cook it up for dinner

its perfectly playable for me

the game just sucks.

alt+q checklist

reach 1430? you beat the game since you can do all raids.

push higher ilv for harder raids? get gatekept and toxic community…


ok now make more alts.

done on that alt?

make more alts

bored again?

welp solution = more alts.

that’s lost ark in a nutshell


to repeat the same raid content over and over because that’s the only “fun” content in the game.

Yet - here you are wasting away your life on the forums for said boring sucky game. That seems a lost worse tbh. But to each their own.

I’m here to bring away as many people with me as possible and to show them how bad the game is.

if you got a problem with that don’t come on threads that says the game is bad.

At least you didn’t disagree with my points so at least you know it’s true lmao

“I don’t have fun, so i want this game closed”

“-But why, there is people having fun on this game, shouldn’t be closed”


Pheon fiasco, disconnects, and now this? How far do they think they can push us???

And in other news this week: water is wet and the sky is blue… unless you live in the UK
“Not meant for a western release” because they don’t require us to provide them with a KR social security number when we register to play our silly monster slaying bikini-girl adventure? :person_shrugging:

If you think the bots are ruining the game, imagine what forcing people to provide their social security numbers would do

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