Just wishing the game was more friendly. Burnt out

I want to be positive here first because while I do believe I am done for now in Lost Ark, I do really love the game as a whole. I want to put it in perspective; I just hit 1376 today and there was this empty feeling in my chest after I got off to take a break. The parts of the game that are fun include the story, the islands, the difficult combat scenarios (Abyss dungeons and raids) and the gameplay itself. But as I was upgrading my pieces and trying to build excitement for the next step of my progression, I just couldn’t do it.

I realize now that I’ve already stopped doing a lot of things in Lost Ark. The daily checklists like chaos gates, world bosses, adventure islands. The weekly things like Ghost ships. Just using my cube tickets feels like a massive chore. And I guess the reason for that is because the game doesn’t feel like a place I can come to and from. It doesn’t feel like a home, more like a high-stakes cutthroat casino. I do not think this game is bad. I do think the honing systems are depressing, and I do think they make me wish I had invested none of the time and money I have in to the game.

It’s just exhausting, I guess. To enjoy the really cool content in this game in a timely fashion, you must play at all times or spend money and I guess even though I know that’s the korean grindfest way, I just ain’t cut out for it anymore xD. If I want to grind this hard, it might as well be on more rewarding things. Like exercise, Idk lol.

I do wish everyone who continues to play the best! I hope to come back in the future if there are positive changes to casual play. I don’t want those who power-leveled their way to the top to lose that feeling of progression over others. I just wanna play the game xD. Sorry about the rant!