Kadan - Macro players in punika

Hi buddies,

I think i’m not alone who see this kind of players, i’m reporting them all days long and still seeing them day after day.
Because Punika look a like a macro land i made this little video.

If you play on Kadan and you’re T3 lets report them all :slight_smile:

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What makes them macro players? And why do you do a circle around their item level with your mouse? What does the item level have to do with anything?

Just look a them, i literally pull their mob and their still doing the same skills rotation at the same place its pretty obvious.

And i’m just showing their item level to show how ppl doesnt care even at 1370 and just macro in front of ppl

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Mmmm it’s a controversial observation indeed (ㆆ _ ㆆ). I mean… An example… I have a “gamer” mouse and keyboard with some cool macro configurations. I never did it on LA but I can easily make the same if I want…

The question is if it’s really wrong to do, after all the macro is just “pressing buttons like a retard” but it isn’t invading game files. I prefer this kind of thing than hacked bots in auto-quest and super speeds. I don’t know it’s just my opinion. 乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

You are missing the point here, OP trying to say people use macros to avoid getting kicked from the game and they dont have to wait in login queue or farming mats like a bot.

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That what i say, they literaly use their keyboard / mouse software, set a loop and AFK and come couple of hours later back.

I’ve reported another player who doesnt have move 1 cm since 3 days doing the same rotation without logic 24h/24h.

Im ok with macro, but this is clearly not a simple macro, you can see a loop there and ppl are cleary not on the computer. Just look like another strat to make gold with adventure tome resources to be honest.

But i agree its far better than full automated bot or anything hack related / game exploit

Do you guys still have queues? Even Asta que is gone… Just wondering.

No queue are gone in Kadan EUC, there is no more queue since last EU Central maintenance.
They’re doing this for mats for sure.